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In occasion of the exhibition Dark Bodies Dark Identities, curated by
Alfredo Ciannameo, Spektrum Berlin presents a workshop by Marco Donnarumma
on the XTH Sense, an award-winning biophysical musical instrument.

*When: 18-19 March 2017 (9am to 4:30pm)

*Where: Spektrum, Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin

*Cost: 100 euro + 20 euro materials

*Registration and more info: http://spektrumberlin.de/

This weekend course offers hands-on experience and theoretical training in
the performance of biophysical music and visuals with the XTH Sense.
Biophysical music is an emerging form of live art based on a combination of
physiological technology, markedly physical performance, and music

Workshop participants will build from scratch their own wearable
bioacoustic sensors; learn how to analyze and map the data from their
muscle and body movements to generate music and visuals; and experiment
with live processing of the sounds from their own bodies. Attention will
also be paid to aesthetic considerations when using the XTH Sense in
artistic contexts.

At the end of the workshop, participants will take home the XTH Sense they
built, as well as the related software for their own continued creative use.

*Topics covered in the workshop include:
- Theoretical background on the state of art of gestural control of music
- Introduction to the XTH Sense framework (technical overview, capabilities)
- Building the boiacoustic sensor
- An introduction to the open source artistic programming language
PureData, tips and tricks
- Explorations of bioacoustic sound design capabilities
- Building audio modules and signal processing chains
- Aesthetics of bioacoustic sensor-based performance
- Mapping muscle energy to control Ableton, Renoise, Bitwig, video software
- Designing an aesthetic vocabulary for body-sensor performance

*About the instructor:

Marco Donnarumma is an artist and scholar. He distinguishes himself by his
use of emerging technology to deliver body performances that are at once
intimate and powerful, oneiric and uncompromising, sensual and
confrontational. Working with biotechnology, biophysical sensing, and more
recently artificial intelligence and neurorobotics, Donnarumma expresses
the chimerical nature of the body with a new and unsettling intensity. He
has won several awards and performed in over 60 countries worldwide. His
writings are published by MIT Press, Springer and Oxford University, among
others. Currently, Donnarumma is a Research Fellow at Berlin University of
the Arts in partnership with the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory at Beuth
U. Berlin.

Marco Donnarumma, Ph.D

*Performing bodies, sound and machines**Universität der Künste Berlin*

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