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Patrick Lichty pl at voyd.com
Sat Mar 18 10:12:34 CET 2017

here's a crazy one.

As part of my "Draw the Karachi Internet" intervention at the Karachi 
Art Summit, I'm proposing some conversations with people like John Perry 
Barlow, Brenda Laurel, and a couple others. I was brainstorming, but 
would you be interested in being host/moderator of my conversations on 
your Adobe server?

I think this might synergize on a bunch of levels.
It's be pretty tight, though.

I might set one up myself, btu Thought it's be good for us to 
triangulate the globe.

What do you think?

On 3/18/17 9:50 AM, Randall Packer wrote:
> Videofreex pioneers Skip Blumberg, Nancy Cain, and Mary Curtis 
> Ratcliff discuss their reinvention of television in the 1970s as a 
> social broadcast medium ::: Monday, March 27, 9:00pm-10:00pm (EDT-US) 
> (UTC-4) ::: Networked Conversations is hosted by Randall Packer ::: 
> live & online via Internet chat.
> Login & participate:
> https://connect.ntu.edu.sg/thirdspacenetwork/
> Select “Guest,”type your name, and“Enter Room.”
> About the Videofreex
> The Videofreex established Lanesville TV in upstate New York in the 
> early 1970s, an experimental television project to forge the first 
> pirate tv station in America.
> In their own funky way, the Videofreex reinvented television, 
> reversing its power as a broadcast medium for engaging community, a 
> creative medium for storytelling, an artisan approach to television. 
> They foresaw television not as a corporate controlled delivery 
> mechanism for reinforcing consumerism and mainstream popular culture, 
> but rather as an artists’ platform for invention and social interaction.
> The Videofreex embraced radical television in their interviews with 
> political activists and captured alternative culture in America during 
> the 1970s when it wasn’t properly covered by mainstream media; they 
> reinvented broadcast journalism with their direct style that 
> challenged packaged, network television news with its slick format; 
> and perhaps most importantly, they saw video as a collaborative, 
> social medium, a people’s media: encouraging viewer participation 
> through the free and immediate exchange of ideas and images.
> Networked Conversations
> Networked Conversations is a series of live, online interviews and 
> discussions hosted by Randall Packer. The series features media 
> artists, curators, writers, and activists exploring a broad range of 
> social, political and aesthetic topics at the intersection of net 
> culture. Networked Conversations collapses geographical and cultural 
> boundaries via participatory Internet chat: free & open & accessible 
> from anywhere in the world.
> Upcoming Events
> April 24 — Kit Galloway, founder of the legendary Electronic Café 
> International (ECI) in Santa Monica, California
> May 13 — Annie Abrahams, pioneering Internet performance artist from 
> Montpellier, France.
> Third Space Network
> The Third Space Network (3SN) is an Internet broadcast channel for 
> live performance and conversation ::: online and global.
> For more information: http://thirdspacenetwork.com/videofreex/
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