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Music Hackspace - new home and programme March-Dec 2017 

Music Hackspace are pleased to announce a new venue and programme for 2017 <http://musichackspace.org/whatson/>. The programme kicks off in mid march, and will be held at our new central London location of Somerset House Studios. <https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/music-hackspace-2017-programme> We’ll be picking up where we left off, continuing to offer workshops, a new series of artist talks, software sessions and one off events.

Music Hackspace is a platform for experimenting and interacting with sound and technology. We incorporate diverse methodologies and aim to create an open playground and exchange of ideas and sounds that embraces new and old technologies. Newly available open source platforms, both hardware and software, are granting far wider accessibility to new interactions with music and audio than has not been possible before. It’s with these technologies that we base our programme of workshops, artist talks and meetups, and hope to encourage people of all backgrounds to create and engage with music in previously unrealised ways.

Over the first few months of the programme we’ll be exploring numerous intersections between music and technology, covering algorithmic music with TidalCycles, SuperCollider and C++, modular synthesis in the Eurorack format and hacking brain wave data. 

SOMERSET HOUSE STUDIOS <https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/music-hackspace-2017-programme>
We’re incredibly excited to start this new programme at Somerset House Studios, a new experimental workspace that intends to promote collaboration between artists, makers and their audiences. We’re looking forward to collaborate with the existing artist community working at the studios. We hope the new venue and its central London location will encourage people from all over London to attend. 

WORKSHOPS <http://musichackspace.org/whatson?from=2017-03-13&category=workshops&count=15&page=1&order=asc>
Our new programme, which runs from March until December, features a broader range of workshops than we’ve had the chance to run before. This will of course include modular synth workshops, but will also include workshops on standalone synths, algorithmic music and basic principles of synthesis and electronics. 

Programme: http://musichackspace.org/whatson <http://musichackspace.org/whatson>
ARTIST TALKS <http://musichackspace.org/whatson?from=2017-03-13&category=artist-talks&count=15&page=1&order=asc>
We will also be returning to our regular artist talk series with a new and diverse programme of speakers. These talks provide an open ended platform for artists to talk about and demo their techniques and approaches, with an opportunity for Q&A from the audience. This series will begin with an evening of talks and demos from Look Mum No Computer and Antònia Folguera (Sónar+D) on March 27th, followed by Paul Prudence on April 24th. 

March 27th: Look Mum No Computer & Antonia Folguera <http://musichackspace.org/events/opening-event-look-mum-no-computer-antonia-folguera/>
April 24th: Paul Prudence <http://musichackspace.org/events/artist-talk-paul-prudence/>
SOFTWARE SESSIONS <http://musichackspace.org/whatson?from=2017-03-13&category=software-classes&count=15&page=1&order=asc>
We had a great response to our software sessions last year, and we’re very pleased to be bringing them back as part of our 2017 programme. These monthly events will see us bring in people who are working closely with software including TidalCycles, Max MSP and Pure Data to lead classes, discussions and meetups. We aim for these sessions to be accessible and helpful for both beginners and advanced users of these platforms. Our first software session of 2017 will be on using the TidalCycles code environment with Calum Gunn.

April 5th: TidalCycles meetup with Calum Gunn <http://musichackspace.org/events/music-hackspace-presents-first-london-tidalcycles-meetup/>
May 3rd: Making music with code workshop with Shelly Knotts <http://musichackspace.org/events/making-music-code-workshop-shelly-knotts/>
For any questions about workshop bookings please email workshops at musichackspace.org <mailto:workshops at musichackspace.org>
Programme curated by Tadeo Sendon and Susanna Garcia, with support from Arts Council England and Somerset House Studios.
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