[NetBehaviour] not so terrible sarangi tunes

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 1 02:45:03 CEST 2017

terrible sarangi tunes

folk sarangi, not used here
it's the difference between the tune and the spaces between
the tune
it's bringing back the tune to fill the spaces between

It's not even there! gagged Nikuko, completely out of control!
news tonight everything out of control!, 5000 hate groups
online, vomit; it's out of control!; it goes nowhere. avoid the
chaos or mess or messay, life out of control!, everything! out
of control! than ever, the semantics of it all -- when i sense
that being out of control! is a permanent condition 390 entries,
something for everybody. It's spidery, out of control! Death
knows no stopping. Nikuko said, There are so much out of
control!, EMISSION and SPEW; the latter is out of control!, and
the former is eternally falling in love - always out of control;
what one does in relation. Flooding, everything out of control!.
Nunberg's patient got sick while I'm miserable. My sex is out of
control. I fetishize everyone and Nikuko, Julu, Alan. I want
YOUR brain affected, out of control!, desultory. Nothing keeps
me going. Images jag constantly, out of control! - SPEW is also
a form of Yes! contamination, out of control!. An EMISSION is So
software: modifying parameters until they're out of control! /
creating Surely they were out of control!. Speaking the language
of the Bible, There's the sound of men outside - they're
drunken, yes! surly, out of control!. absolutism. and this
against all will, out of control!. One wakes up in sweat. She's
gone, always out of control!; and the body's ikonic, wayward,
out of control! with itself! I'm afraid of the music seething
out of control, I can't write well because the air-conditioning
is out of control! binding of parables makes causes and effects,
and out of sorts, the body's terrifying. There is no
inheritence. Writing's out of commission, the body, wayward, out
of control with itself. And wayward matter - fabrication prims
rotate at equivalent speed, by this time alan dojoji is out of
control! dance has held him he moves case these things have a
tendency to ooze! contamination! I argue with my 'health care
provider' to wonders of aporia. Once triggered, depression is
out of control!. Avoidance entirely out of the question! - you
almost forgot just for a moment - the war - every kind, out of
control!, unstructured, desperate. tagging is an excuse
everywhere, I know, I wrote it. It spins maybe out of control!,
it occupies existent, but convenient! flooding, everything out
of control!. At that point I think she thought I was forces that
spin centrifugally out of control! It's the desire to turn Net
goals in mind. The species is out of control!; roads are gouges
of the how my depressions began in aspects pushed to the limit;
she's almost but not quite out of control! contaminated by the
small spit murder, possibly psychotic, schizzy, hysteric. It
occurs need be said, that everything is either out of or under
control!, not only is the world out of control, but control is
as well. What happens nothing is asked or answered; our
neighborhood, which is out of control! hold on =- i'm a fucking
nervous wreck here, you know out of control! The head turned.
Smoke from the nostrils, soot-nose political situations that
seem out of weird. We exist really risky! noticeable sex is out
of control! fetishize everyone and dear mortal sexuality's a
mess followed by a new dawn uncontrollable! and muffled/drowsy,
a state of sloughs skins everywhere; pollution sends more
tumors! If I hear the song one more time I'll go stereotypes
which lose him! the strings of the madcap viola struggling out
of control! under systems, multiverses, families dangerous and
just nuts! here's a bunch of the country and it's out of
control!; I argue with my 'health the first time another species
- wildly in bloom - skidding the screen, barely in and out of
neurosis. they're out of control, that's when they type. When
their eyes burn with things - I just can't thing. I worked my
band harder and harder. I felt out of it herself. through the
midst of a letter-spew completely out of it! you want to
misbehave but you do. the wind and the rain! so that what's
inscribed tends to "veer off"  vicinity. Veer off here! Vere off

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