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Fri May 5 13:26:59 CEST 2017

The National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) invites sound- and media artists, and composers to dialogue about color within the framework of the new project "Experiences of AudioVisuality" (curated by Natalia Fuchs). The first session of the project is called "The Space of Red" and is devoted to the sound representation of red color. The project will be part of the parallel program of the exhibition "Russian Red Ordinary", which opens on May 29, 2017 in the NCCA space in Moscow.

"Russian Red Ordinary" - the second exhibition of the new regional program of the NCCA, dedicated to the Kaliningrad situation and representing the total installation of one artist. Solo exhibition of Yuri Vasiliev, an artist who turns a red color into a metaphor, referring to the collisions of the twentieth century, when the drama of the intonations of red, as a symbol of life and death, changed the concentration vector from the red "beautiful" (Red Square) and the color of life, sacrifice and heroism (Old Russian iconography), to the sign of tragic omens (K.Malevich's "Red Square"), revolutionary moods and transformations (Russian constructivism). Evgeny Umansky, art director of the Baltic branch of the State Center for Contemporary Art, is the curator of the exhibition.

The project "Experiences of AudioVisuality" exploring the sound expressive means and principles, is based on the concept of synaesthesia, and in the "Space of red" it refers to the field of color music interpretations and the search for non-standard artistic solutions. Electroacoustic compositions, field recordings, vocal or instrumental compositions, experimental sound works - everything that connects visual and semantic and meaningful sound and red color as one of the main colors of the spectrum and historical symbols of Russian culture - can be proposed for implementation within one From the events of the parallel program.

The application for participation can be submitted till May 15, 2017 to the address audiovision.ncca at gmail.com <https://clck.yandex.ru/redir/LvUXD5J6I4o?data=dUZVOU9OMllfcG5kSTdwSlh1b2NzRzFtM200TGJfcURiWnJjR2FFakpMQjRhX3hWU00wMk1kU0t5RFk3Nm5RZzNDY25yWnRmWlVHeW5CVWtYVk55dmpKMUE2NTNXcmp5YnVYa0RuWmRlVUFmQTlWX2JsV295QQ&b64e=2&sign=717b3fb4775304e15c39168b165965ed&keyno=1> with the note "The space of red - to become a participant". We accept sound files (stereo in .wav format), text materials, concepts of sound installations, concerts, performances or audiovisual performances corresponding to the subject of the project. The number of applications from one author is unlimited, the duration of the work is not limited.

The results will be published no later than May 18, 2017 on the NCCA website.

The best works will receive support for realization in the NCCA space in Moscow: they can be presented as independent events in May-July 2017 in the Small Hall of the NCCA, or included in the archive of the collective sound installation created by the sound artist Yulia Glukhova on May 29, 2017.

Additional Information:

Yulia Glukhova was born in Moscow in 1989, graduated from the VGIK sound engineering studio in 2012. Currently she is engaged in editing, design and mixing of sound for cinema and TV, with a special interest in the design of sound effects. She took part in a number of international workshops, such as Berlinale Talents, Kinopoezd and others. Participant of the artistic team "Kristall.Reconstruction", associated with the modern interpretation of the heritage of the Soviet audiovisual artist, visionary, researcher in the field of synaesthesia and experimental practices Bulat Galeev.

Curator of the project "Experiences of AudioVisuality" - Natalia Fuchs, art critic, new media researcher, international curator and specialist in cultural management (Media Art Histories, Danube University, Austria, Cultural Management, University of Manchester, UK). Was engaged in the development of the main project "MediaArtLab" Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival - on media art and experimental cinema in 2009-2011; The international communications of the festival sound: frame, dedicated to the visualization of music, in Austria; Development of the VIENNAFAIR contemporary art fair in 2011-2013. In 2013-2016gg. - curator of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow: in addition to major international exhibition projects, Natalia curater the program "Polytech.Science.Art" and the space of the Electronic Livingroom of the Polytechnic Museum. Now Natalia Fuchs is the curator and head of the multimedia programs sector of the State Center for Contemporary Arts, which is part of the ROSIZO.

The regional program of ROSIZO-NCCA was opened in 2017 and is intended to maximize the network resource of the organization. The first project within the program is the opening of a permanent site for the best regional initiatives of the NCCA in Moscow. With the frequency of every two months on Zoologicheskaya 13, the project of one of the network branches will be opened, which has become the most striking event in the cultural life of the region. This decision was the beginning of systematic work on the representation of the expert role of the regional network of ROSIZO-NCCA for the modern domestic and world cultural community.

Web: http://www.ncca.ru/en/news.text?filial=2&id=47

My warmest regards from Moscow,
Natalia Fuchs / Наталья Фукс

Curator, Head of Media Art Programs / 
Куратор, руководитель мультимедийного сектора 
Отдела художественных и междисциплинарных программ

ROSIZO-National Center for Contemporary Arts /РОСИЗО-ГЦСИ
Zoologicheskaya, 13/2, Moscow, 123242, Russian Federation

Cell: +79104320152
Email: nfuchs at artypical.com; n.fuchs at rosizo.ru 
Web: http://www.ncca.ru; http://www.rosizo.ru


The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) is a leading Russian state institution specializing in the issues of contemporary art. The activity of the Centre evolves in close cooperation with artists and independent experts in the sphere of contemporary art, art culture and various organizations, such as museums, research institutions, public organizations, both in Russia, and abroad. The National Centre for Contemporary Arts is the part of ROSIZO Museum Exhibition Center which works under the auspices and with the constant support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.


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