[NetBehaviour] from zqz - news

x misnom at spell.blue
Wed May 10 09:14:34 CEST 2017


Still on road 040 (aka zqx).

About to toll into rio in a few hours. On the way, will plant sarah's sponsorship contribution.

Fancy sponsoring as well?
Check 040.5p.lt 

I hope to get time in rio to do questioning of zqz language. If not, there is always brasilia?

In the next few days in rio there is a nano festival http://www.nano.eba.ufrj.br/hiper7/

Also.. prior to auctioning, seems perhaps an idea to give gear for people.. clothes, tools, electonics, anyone knows a way to distribute?? 
Can always hive for random people, however that has its own interpersonal peculiarities.

The zqz language?
A bit of a recorded chat yet to be on the site

(About 25 to 30 mins in, might interest people with a critique that the lingo is too abstract? The conversation is with people who hosted me in petropolis)

cheers and hsve fun!!

Btw.. hosting..
If snyone knows of a free bit of floor in rio after the 13th..

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