[NetBehaviour] refusee island , an if??

x misnom at spell.blue
Fri May 12 15:13:07 CEST 2017

Dear all.

Hope this finds you well indeex!

Refusee island????

A refusee island is a search from and of an imagination that refuses to be other than an imagination. 
A refusee island is made from refuse.
A refusee island is made from a language of wondering, something like http://ifxyz.xyz

A refusee island is a search from being refused. Refused to be given basic humaan rights, refused basic non-human rights, refused to be given an oportunity to be, to have a life unrestricted by power and tradditions, refused to be given an opportunity to live with one's own traditions, refused to be allowed a life from ones own evolutionary rights, refused to be allowed to imagine and wonder, refused to be allowed to question?

A refusee island is an evolving language searching its own imagination? An if language that refuses power. (power demans an if to have a "then", as in if--then. Being an if, a wonder, an imagination, is a question and a search from being just an if? Is it? Really? An if?

If (RefuseeIsland) ^ ?
If (rf) ^ ?
If (ArEf^) ?
If (rf)




If (ArEf^)(rf)^?
if (ArF) ^ ?

on the time temporality, if floating ? bags, there is refuse from the  museum de manha, rio de janerio.

An if refuse vid?

The language on the bags?

if is se, sensesao is sensation, comes in as the "ness" character. (like character and the sensation from being a character will be characterNess?)

details about if language in general? http://ifxyz.xyz If sensations that appear as one line are still waiting for their bags..?

Se (Wrap Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (WS) ^ ?

Se (Paper Organic Skin Sensesao ^ ) ^?
Se (POSS) ^ ?

Se (UnSkinned Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (US) ^ ?

Se (Non Degenerability Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (NDGS) ^ ?

Se (Need Oriented life Sensesao) ^ ?

Se (NaoEvolution Sensesao ^ ) ^?
Se (NES) ^ ?

Se (LandNao Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (LN) ^ ?

Se (Cover Sensesao) ^ ?

Se (Short Temporality Sensesao) ?

Se (Cafe Jealousy Sensesao) ^?
Se (CJS) ^ ?

Se (Useful sensesao)(End sensesao) ^ ?
Se (UES) ^ ?

Se (Tea Redness Sensesao ^ ) ^ ?
Se (TRS) ^ ?

Se (Banana Skin Hibiscuss Wrap Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (BSHW) ^ ?
Se (BeeShooW) ^ ?

Se (Taste Refugo Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (TRS) ^ ?
Se (TeeReS) ^ ?

Se (... Sensesao) ^ ?

Se (Round Over Ripeness Sensesao) ^ ?

Se (RipeQuestioness Sensesao) ^ ?

Se (RoundQuestion RipeRoundness Sensesao) ^ ?
Se (RQRR) ^ ?

A bit of a video?

Cheers and have fun!




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