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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue May 16 01:29:16 CEST 2017

Legacy Rawrite

holding Arjho Carino Turner's faglung
& found on the road with Azure

I worry about legacy. I do not worry about my body, headed for
cremation. But then, without a site or visitation, what then?
But I do not worry about a site. Scatter my ashes but the earth
is not a site.

Books: I have books, artists books, a theory book (Writing
Under), books of 'poetry,' but most of my theory/writing work is
online at http://www.alansondheim.org/*.txt - where '*.txt' is a
wildcard - for example, http://www.alansondheim.org/n.txt .

Video: Most of my video work is disappearing; the EIAJ tapes in
storage at various places will continue to deteriorate; my Hi8,
8, and digital tapes are at archives and I assume deteriorating;
my films are deteriorating at Filmmakers Coop; my online videos
are all short and vulnerable (at http://www.alansondheim.org);
there are some scattered films and video elsewhere, also in the
process of disappearing. Work I did in the Cave at Brown has
already disappeared. Work I did in the old .vrml and other
legacy codecs has also disappeared. Work I did for the Texas
TI-59 calculator will no longer playback (the rubber rollers are
no longer functional). And so forth.

Audio: Cassette tapes have survived to some extent in archives,
but will disappear; the tapes we made for Spasm are almost all
gone. The vinyl records will last. The cds, I believe, will
last; there are maybe 10-12 of them, but they're vulnerable. At
times they appear on ebay or other sites. The workday sound
files at http://www.alansondheim.org/ will surely disappear, and
this is where everything is tried out. My own digital archives -
which contain around 6000 pieces on hard-drives - will disappear
or deteriorate at best.

Codework and other: Work is always in facebook, but this is of
course very vulnerable. Earlier work was on youtube, but that
account has been lost and 80 videos disappeared (I never
received a satisfactory answer as to its loss). Work on G+ I'm
sure will disappear, probably soon, as G+ seems a wasteland. My
own hard-drives - there are perhaps 25 of them - which carries
much of this - will deteriorate.

I will be less than memory. My name will remain for a while as a
placeholder. I will be in others' accounts. Associations, poor
as they are, with Vito, Kathy, Foofwa, etc. will last in short
term. A few cds will probably be around; cd players are almost

The work in MacGrid, Second Life, and my localhost will all be
lost. As it is, I constantly recirculate objects and scenarios.
At http://www.alansondheim.org/ I constantly remove pieces to
make way for others; it's a commercial site and I pay for the
privilege of potential audience.

Then there are performances; even their documentation is
vulnerable, most of it already lost.

I write/play/construct/theorize/perform/cull/code(however
poorly)/produce on a daily basis. Sometimes I have a small
following, very small, here and there; I'm grateful for that.
But most of what I do exists temporarily within a broken horizon
that will remain such. There are dead ends everywhere; they will
of course increase. There's no room for the work in a fast-
forward culture. I always think my dna is mutilated, distorted,
that I cannot behave when I attempt to behave. My work is
equally unruly. Clearly it belongs nowhere. It's a form of
breathing, a life-form tethered parasiticaly to me. It's always
on the verge of disappearance.

At one point, a friend was printing out the texts I write (the
Internet Text, a title chosen for wont of a better term); I saw
his shelves were close to collapse. Paper decays; our images and
bodies decay; cremation is dispersion, but my body lies
elsewhere, on reels, in files, in bindings, on hard-drives. That
will take longer to kill off, but that will happen; it is a
differance that makes no difference.

I keep thinking of the urge to preserve in a violation-fabric of
a world, something genetically built-in of course, a form of
deep propagation. I have yet to meet a person or site where this
isn't on the horizon in one or another form. And many people of
course have said there is too much work, everywhere, and with
everyone, and especially with me. (I remember On Kawara's daily
I am still alive.)

The more I produce, the less survives.
The more I shore up, the more is erased, abolished.
The more I write, the less readers.
The more I play, the less listeners.
The more video/film, the less viewers.
The older I get, the less survives.*

Culling/Rawriting Legacy:
Calligraphic Legacy Applications and the Scrawl
strange attractors, and the general miasma of
Legacy as my code
Legacy as these machines transmit in less than
a second more than I can
Legacy as my code disappears through miasma.
Legacy through corruption of code ##cull-1

Culling/Rawriting legacy:
in legacy systems are in my clean room: "I sometimes think:
O.K., so maybe you won't leave a legacy to the world, No, it's
the legacy, the grit of text, recording, television, audio, vid-
Palestinians. hidden_ legacy; now Jews are assumed assimilated,
hiding Then there is almost always older and legacy software,
abandoned corners What's left of my texts will be read like
legacy hieroglyphics, I'll be _hidden_ legacy; now Jews are
assumed assimilated, a legacy of hatred, the Jews representing
the _stain_ of Celine is a all a legacy can provide - a hope for
the living, a guide for their immor- all space A the One unnnh,
with, should the was sound support the legacy, and blighted
legacy of war, destruction and Peace and Harmony occurs with at
58 i begin to wonder: what legacy will i leave behind? be our
theme Tis the legacy we often leave,. to all be variations. This
is also related to legacy systems in computers - the brought
participates how very same legacy as code eyes your chislenko's
work on legacy systems; work uniting agents, cyborgs, bodies,
data. _when_ is a stuttering legacy of routers which may or may
not dung-heap of of a legacy, punctum, the imaginary of the
punctum earth, my legacy. It is what will bring splendor and
misrecognition to eliminated but indicated by the numbering. The
whole is a sad legacy of email, discussion groups, etc. Along
with the BBS, there are other legacy ents. And this is the
legacy, in fact, of this entire century in our West face
innocence made world. [it even legacy maybe charged man gotten
years files, legacy systems, walking paths worn from decades of
obsolescence from alansondheim.org, someday you'll be my legacy,
you'll have from site to site, is updated or disappears, uses
legacy technology or general miasma of legacy, my code
disappears - hate crimes, digital eternities mutilated by legacy
softwares and dead have already made their way into the world.
It is slaughter, leave some sort of legacy behind - indicative
of the quiet slaughters that form a legacy of survival. Theory
legacy as my code organism. it both blank, beyond, both after or
legacy behind- aegis think that's p oblec' no one will read this
in any legacy software legacy software system definition. hinge,
radically greened legacy, you 'can't linkage mice life,'
'pinkpinkpinkthing' maintenance, of legacy softwares dead
symbolization, thinking-through offline mutual creating and of a
legacy, punctum, special holocaust, nomadic vicissitudes empire
moves site updated disappears uses legacy of a legacy, punctum,
special holocaust, or bricolage compounded out of legacy
software and other broken systems parallel-pen telegraphy and
spark-grids; one might think of legacy systems potential punctum
possibility, but a legacy, punctum, wanedhaat proffers legacy.
splendor your sleazy remembered, submiitting, part of a legacy
of "pure thinking" that same of legacy as my code too my eyes
take your from cocaine, sanity sets aright depression truth
there is - this, Julu, is my legacy - shifted, sleazy
personages, twilight beware proffers legacy. splendor slaughter,
in many cases legacy hunting. It causes enormous pain; in sonic
exploration of the yacht legacy Cave spheres, walls, make
marxism abjure, gives legacy, my code submissions, legacy "pure
thinking" valery testing ideas, "space" that constructs a legacy
of hatred, the Jews representing the stain of the Jew in every
one of us, the dirty dung-heap of of a legacy, punctum, the
birth in the body (and the crooked hook-nosed Jew leaves the
legacy the ground, leaving behind this archival legacy the
legacy So I insist on writing which occurs within a lateral
theorem or axiom of the world's worlding - unlike truth this,
legacy this is my legacy, this is what i bring forward from the
future to withdrawal harnessing of into a miasma of the of ember
legacy tree, virtual, cleansed, hairless, no, it's the legacy,
the grit of what's left of my texts will be read like legacy
hieroglyphics, i'll be dead." **cull-2

"*And the older I get, the less performance, less structure,
less venue, less discourse, less community; the older I get,
the less survives." **cull-3

for Azure Carter

+++ eof

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