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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 22 18:59:19 CEST 2017

I use linux on my older laptops; it's easy to install; in fact I'm on a 
Dell netbook now with only 2 gig of ram and it runs fine. One good thing 
about the OS is that you can install a different one in maybe 15 minutes, 
so you can tailor the linux distro to your needs. Fwiw, I use linux mint 
for the most part, lots of terminal stuff.

Good luck with this!

- Alan

On Mon, 22 May 2017, helen varley jamieson wrote:

> hi everyone,
> more than a year ago i wrote to this list asking for advice about buying a
> linux laptop. it took me a while, but i'm now happily working with ubuntu
> mate on a no-brand machine :)
> i spent quite a lot of time looking at second-hand & B-ware (ex-display)
> machines, & also at new models (lenovo, dell, hp, acer, asus, etc etc ... )
> & got quite overwhelmed by the choice & variables. nothing was exactly what
> i wanted, & i couldn't decide on what to compromise. i had a couple of
> things that were definite - not bigger than 14", must have ethernet port,
> prefereably separate audio in & out; so that narrowed things down quite a
> bit, but still i wasn't finding anything that felt right.
> then i found a uk company that sells no-brand laptops with linux
> pre-installed (https://www.entroware.com). i could choose the hard drive,
> RAM, keyboard layout, etc & it arrived 5 days after i ordered it. i took it
> out of the box, turned it on, & started using it. the trickiest thing i've
> had to do so far was use the command line to get it to talk nicely to my
> printer - & i managed that without incident.
> i'm still adjusting to the non-mac keyboard shortcuts - it's easier to take
> a screenshot but more difficult to do an umlaut (?), & there are a couple of
> things i still need to work out. & one loss is that there are no linux
> drivers for my wireless webcam, so i'm back to a tethered webcam for now.
> but it is soooo much faster than my old mac, & i've found most of the
> software that i need.
> so if anyone else out there is also considering making the switch to linux,
> i say - just do it! :)
> h : )
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