[NetBehaviour] Working notes for coming talks in London

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 28 04:46:52 CEST 2017

Working notes for coming talks in London

*/ example tinnitus: gamespace/edgespace/blankspace
http://www.alansondheim.org/tinni.mp3 (within range)
http://www.alansondheim.org/tinni2.png end example
(i have continuous tinnitus; the frequences here are
within the range; i hear the piece in the form of
audio dreamwork, the dreaming of audio conveyances /*

gamespace/edgespace/blankspace /
semiotic splatter /
voice and body of the philosopher /
anguish / */so many categories, terms, paralleling
Celine, "my little categories"/*

gamespace - clean and proper space/body, containment
and at the edge, into:

edgespace - material-epistemological transformations -
improper mappings into no-mappings
water into land
place into no-place
temporality into delay, indeterminacy
and at the no-place, into:

blankspace - 'heere be dragonnes' -

blankspace and the delay
1. arctic travels - summer - supplies : _we wait_
2. reconnoitres - recuperation - evidence _they wait for us_
3. voice and body of the philosopher: on and off the trip
4. slow semiotic splatter: anecdotal inflation (Mandeville,
legends, etc.)

arctic blankspace continuously carved away as exploration
increased, legends atrophied, delays shortened.

*/And the terminal was there as the murmur of the world (Lingis)
was there, and present and neither in the background nor
foreground, but somehow aligned with the mechanism or the
membrane which contained the whole. But the machine itself was
not there. And I do not know where the machine was, but it was
not within me doing the dreaming (Sartre) but somewhere was.
Nor was it a woman or with a woman or a possession of or by the

machine provides the wonts.

is it always a return to the body?

Cumming, Sartre Critique of Dialetical Reason, '"girls working
in a factory are ruminating a vague dream," but they are at the
same time "traversed by a rhythm external to them" so "it can be
said that it is the semiautomatic machine that is dreaming
through them."' 'Similarly the girl in the factory gives herself
"to the machine," which takes possession of her work, until
finally "she discovers herself _the object of the machine."' 'It
is the machine in her which is "dreaming of caresses."'
Cambridge Companion to Sartre, ed. Christina Howells

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