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On Sun, 28 May 2017, aharon wrote:

> May 28 2017 3:47 AM, "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
> hi.
> is there a bit of syneastisia implied?
> space as sound/audio as space?
I wasn't thinking of synaesthesia; certainly not in relation to tinnitus, 
which pretty much appears constant and directionless. But audio does 
gather and disseminate in space; the reverse reverberation work I do is 
based on that.

> the body.. define?

That would take too long here...
> (writing something re "mind painting" when the mind is a sensory organ 
> like hair, eyes, fingers and skin - as a way to go beyond the trap of 
> mind/body bs binary, i hope..
> what is your body sensation in this context?
They're all - the senses - and the neural pathways etc. intertwined; I'm 
not sure how one would separate them. I get 'twitches' at times which 
appear to come from within the brain, but was told that they're actually 
from the surface/skin etc. area, which is interesting. Then migraines etc. 
appear localized etc.

I don't think that binary's operable anymore, not a clear divide?

> london??
> are you crossing the pond ??
> when?
> where?

Yes, June 29 - July 12, to Furtherfield, staying in Finsbury Park. Are you 

Best!, Alan

> cheers and have fun!
> ahaxxx
>> Working notes for coming talks in London
>> */ example tinnitus: gamespace/edgespace/blankspace
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/tinni.png
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/tinni.mp3 (within range)
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/tinni2.png end example
>> (i have continuous tinnitus; the frequences here are
>> within the range; i hear the piece in the form of
>> audio dreamwork, the dreaming of audio conveyances /*
>> gamespace/edgespace/blankspace /
>> semiotic splatter /
>> voice and body of the philosopher /
>> anguish / */so many categories, terms, paralleling
>> Celine, "my little categories"/*
>> gamespace - clean and proper space/body, containment
>> and at the edge, into:
>> edgespace - material-epistemological transformations -
>> improper mappings into no-mappings
>> water into land
>> place into no-place
>> temporality into delay, indeterminacy
>> and at the no-place, into:
>> blankspace - 'heere be dragonnes' -
>> blankspace and the delay
>> 1. arctic travels - summer - supplies : _we wait_
>> 2. reconnoitres - recuperation - evidence _they wait for us_
>> 3. voice and body of the philosopher: on and off the trip
>> 4. slow semiotic splatter: anecdotal inflation (Mandeville,
>> legends, etc.)
>> arctic blankspace continuously carved away as exploration
>> increased, legends atrophied, delays shortened.
>> */And the terminal was there as the murmur of the world (Lingis)
>> was there, and present and neither in the background nor
>> foreground, but somehow aligned with the mechanism or the
>> membrane which contained the whole. But the machine itself was
>> not there. And I do not know where the machine was, but it was
>> not within me doing the dreaming (Sartre) but somewhere was.
>> Nor was it a woman or with a woman or a possession of or by the
>> woman./*
>> machine provides the wonts.
>> is it always a return to the body?
>> Cumming, Sartre Critique of Dialetical Reason, '"girls working
>> in a factory are ruminating a vague dream," but they are at the
>> same time "traversed by a rhythm external to them" so "it can be
>> said that it is the semiautomatic machine that is dreaming
>> through them."' 'Similarly the girl in the factory gives herself
>> "to the machine," which takes possession of her work, until
>> finally "she discovers herself _the object of the machine."' 'It
>> is the machine in her which is "dreaming of caresses."'
>> Cambridge Companion to Sartre, ed. Christina Howells
>> --> difficulty locating the quotes -
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