[NetBehaviour] Res Nullius #002.17 / Event with performance in streaming on April 30TH at 4 p.m. CET

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Sun May 28 23:47:22 CEST 2017

Dear friends,

Collettivo Superazione is inviting you to Res Nullius #003.17
Manuela Mancioppi at Silvana Vassallo and Fabio Panzieri's Place
The performance will be in streaming on June the4th at 7 p.m. CET from
Pisa, Italy on our YouTube channel

Collettivo Superazione launched the project Res Nullius to promote the
encounter between audience and artists inside private homes.

In an age where the private is so closely guarded, the house seems to have
become the most intimate conceivable space. But true intimacy, our only
real home, it’s us, our bodies, our experiences, our past, and the project
aims at creating a relationship between the intimacies of artists and
audience, that become “res nullius”, and at realizing an artwork in a space
considered the symbol “par excellence” of private.

Each artist will be hosted during a weekend in a private home and will have
to interact with his/her hosts and the environment in which he/she will
have to operate. The artist’s stay will start on Friday afternoon and will
end on Sunday with a performance broadcasted in streaming. The owner of the
house can also decide to have a live audience. On Friday and Saturday, the
artist should create a small contribution that will be published on our
website (
https://superazione.wordpress.com/res-nullius/pisa-2-3-4-giugno-2017/) and
social networks accounts.

The project started in March, went on in April and this is the last date
for the season.





Kind Regards
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