[NetBehaviour] Call for Contributions - Pervasive Labour Union zine #11 - Special Issue: Entreprecariat

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Call for Contributions - Pervasive Labour Union zine #11 - Special Issue:


for its upcoming special issue co-curated by Silvio Lorusso, the Pervasive
Labour Union - previously Immaterial Labour Union (http://ilu.servus.at/) -
is welcoming contributions that deal with the reciprocal influence of
entrepreneurialism and precarity, i.e. *entreprecariat* (

While an array of diverse forms of precarity (financial, professional, and
even existential) is becoming the norm for a growing number of people, so
it is the necessity to tackle them *entrepreneurially*. As witnessed by the
emergence of terms like ‘entrepreneurism’, individuals as well as
institutions are increasingly urged to think of themselves as brands,
companies or startups. Against a backdrop characterized by relentless
destabilization, entrepreneurship, the practice of starting and managing a
business through risk, turns into entrepreneurialism, a universal doctrine
with its own dogmas, martyrs and plans of salvation.

In this special issue, we want to explore the multiple ways in which
entrepreneurial ideas, models and approaches relate to current perceptions
of precarity. What happens when the rhetoric of technological innovation
meets career-oriented self-help literature? How does the cult of Elon Musk
or Marissa Mayer and their unlikely sleeping patterns perturb narratives of
self-affirmation and professional lifestyles? When does the conscious
adoption of the entrepreneurial attitude turn into a mandate? How to
articulate the threshold between passion and self-exploitation? What is the
role played by technology? How do productivity tools, social media and
wellbeing apps transform or intensify the professional government of the
self? Finally, is it possibility to combine the entrepreneurialist drive
with collective expressions of precarity? Or should insecurity itself
become a paradoxically stable ground on which to build social cohesion?

We welcome your contributions on these issues. The deadline is the *30th of
June*. By then, we will need:

   - Texts, be they in the form of satire, theory, poetry, fiction,
   propaganda, educational content, personal rant (max. 1000 words)
   - Images (illustrations, photomontage, pictures, memes, comic strips,
   - Any other creative intervention that you consider related to the theme

Contributions don’t need to be unpublished. You can submit yours
either to *s at silviolorusso.com
<s at silviolorusso.com>* or *immateriallaborunion at lists.riseup.net
<immateriallaborunion at lists.riseup.net>*.

Feel free to share or repost this call. Many thanks.
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