[NetBehaviour] Language Hosting - A call for papers and other contributions

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Wed May 31 17:17:44 CEST 2017

Dear all, hope ths finds you well - from a sunny brasilia ocean sky.

With a bit of an X posting alert..

Hope this call for contributions will interest people here.

Deadline is 01.09.2017.

Something to contemplate over the summer?

A call for papers and other contributions to do with language hosting

Dasquestoes - philosophy translation and art
Deadline is 1.09.2017
Send stuff to?
language-hosting AT spell DOT blue
Language hosting?
From being an artist, a refugee, a migrant, a tourist or a nomad, through to translation processes, politics and socio-cultural emancipatory struggles, and all way to contemporary technologies and academic life - the question from language hosting seems to come up.

The elaborated verion of this call and linked ideas is on:

Papers please?
Language hosting and related ideas. 
The kind of ideas we are looking for?
Examples from the introduction text: 
Sensations of hosting, hosting and introductions, philosophy of hosting, contemporary political and social questions (eg Alt-Right, Internet, migration, and occupation).
However there are more.
Hosting and the language of artworlds.
Hosting language and time.
The rhythms of hosting languages.
The language of hosting - senses of ownership and its domains.
Hosting language and hospitality. eg cultural perceptions of being hospitable, etc.
Hosting language as a medium. How hosting verbal language might be different from a visual, or other sensory one.
The language of hosting languages. (..and before you let this sound all too academic and meta, please consider how facebook presents and indeed guards the way they decide which language to host. eg -  
https://www.theguardian.com/news/gallery/2017/may/22/sex-and-nudity-in-art-see-facebooks-rules )
Indeed, if your contribution is not in a verbal way, let’s find out how this publication can host your content?


A full version of the call:


Cheers, have fun and all the best!



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