[NetBehaviour] refusee island - brasilia stylee?

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Wed May 31 20:43:22 CEST 2017


Brasilia, another refusee island?

Launched from JK bridge. 
Material - coconut shells.
Colour - green.
Time - 30.05.2017 15.23
Temperature - around 25c.
Speed - slow.
Direction - SouthWest.

Any sensations?

When a single wonder from if, the text is written on the green bit of the coconut.
When more than a single if wonder, the text is written on the flattened ends of the coconut.
if (refusee ColourWetness) ^ ?

if (Water-gets-in refuseeness) ^ ?
if (refusee water-gets-in-ness^) ^ ?

if (refusee shell-food-ness)(^) ?

if (deprived refuseeness) ^ ?

if (refused landingness) ^ ?

if (refused refusee nutritioness^) ?

if (^ drainedness refusee) ^ ?

if (ifness refusee) ^ ?

if (motor-boat-propelor refuseeness) ^ ?
if (refusee motor-boat-propelor-ness ^ ) ^ ?
if( motor-boat-propelor-ness) ^ ?

if (rogue-ant-refusee coconut islandness^) ?

if ((^)coconut language longing refusee islandness) ^ ?

More details?

With refusee island from tomorrow's museum in rio - 

general if sensation language details:


For another instance of the refusee island practice, there are dog poo bags being collected in brighton. 
If someone fancies doing a refusee island from other refused materials and new ifs for the refusee island is sensations language - will be great to hear how you get on with it! ;)

Am considering porto or lisbon as possible island launch locations as well.. if you happen to be based in either of these cities, give me a shout?

Cheers and have fun!!


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