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Are these the mp3s that use the drum sequencer? They sound great!

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> ~submergence < > sound < > mountain radio < > emergence~
> don't get anyone upset when speaking to other people, saying
> things like a green mountain can't walk (can't get up and walk)
> and an eastern mountain can't travel on water. when you don't
> understand anything, when your understanding is beginner's
> understanding, you doubt everything, the phrase 'green mountains
> are walking' means nothing to you. when your studies are just
> beginning, you're troubled by everything, by 'flowing mountains'
> and 'radio' for example, you have uneasy dreams at night, your
> face is shallow and troubled. you don't even know that water
> flows, that air flows, that rocks and mountains flow, that the
> radio sings everywhere, your drown in your understanding, drown
> in everything. for mountains are mountains and alive like the
> dust you walk in, everything is a mountain and a mountain is
> everything. there's understanding and not understanding, there's
> listening and not listening, and not listening listening,
> everything forms everything else, nothing forms everything,
> buddhas are formed everywhere, buddha appear just like that,
> there wasn't anything before, there was everything.
> when you don't know, speaking is painful whatever you say,
> nothing negates mountains moving here and there, walking
> everywhere, crossing water and valleys, even skies where radio
> is there above and below. your views are pools among them, and
> they support you when you are right, and when you are wrong you
> can't hear the difference, you can't see the difference. nothing
> and everything is knowing and knowledge and there is no
> knowledge here, aren't you amazing, sesshu's mountains flowing
> like radio, you don't need sesshu, you don't need flowing
> mountains, you don't need radio. such mountains aren't
> understood by everyone, one moment to the next, they're walking
> among radio. we'll talk about mountains here, we'll say nothing,
> it's just a word, this mountain, holding everything together,
> one word or another, why not a word, why not silence. they move
> and flow like radio, these mountains. they give birth, they're
> just there, they move, they're flowing, open your eyes, there
> are buddhas all around you, there are mountains and valleys,
> there's radio all about, open your eyes, your ears, open your
> mouth, silently speak, speak silence, listen.
> paraphrasing from dogen's sansuikyo
> http://www.alansondheim.org/akkad1255.jpg
> http://www.alansondheim.org/radio.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/gravel.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/forpt.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/akkad1237.jpg
> "For their other foreign-language broadcasts the Nazis have a
> strange assortment of hired Balkanites, Dutch, Scandinavians,
> Spaniards, Arabs, and Hindus. Once in a great while one of these
> speakers turns out to be 'unreliable.' Such a one was the
> Yugoslav speaker who began his broadcast the other night:
> 'Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear from Berlin
> tonight is a lot of nonsense, a pack of lies, and if you have
> any sense, you will turn your dials.' He got no further, for
> there are 'checkers' sitting listening at the Propaganda
> Ministry at the other end of town. The last seen of the fellow
> was when the S.S. guards carted him off to jail."
> - from William Shirer, Berlin Diary, 1941
> (thanks to paul thayer's Steal This CodeArt, 2017)
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