[NetBehaviour] TERROR FEEDS: Inside the Fear Machine (November 24 - 25, 2017)

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Dear Tatiana,

A belated thanks for posting information about this important and timely 
Do you plan to make video documentation? I'm sure that there are many of 
us here who will be unable to attend but would like to follow the 


On 02/11/17 16:23, Tatiana Bazzichelli wrote:
> TERROR FEEDS: Inside the Fear Machine (November 24 - 25, 2017)
> Location: Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
> Schedule: November 24 (17:00-21:00); November 25 (16:00-21:30)
> Admission: 5 Euro / day. The conference will be held in English.
> Details: http://www.disruptionlab.org/terror-feeds
> An analysis of ISIS and its media strategy, the meaning of cyber jihad,
> and why people enroll as foreign fighters. Directed by Tatiana
> Bazzichelli and curated with Mauro Mondello.
> ISIS has captivated a global network of supporters that articulates,
> intensifies and disseminates its violent extremist messages worldwide.
> The conference highlights the change ISIS* represents in how terrorism
> is conducted and analyses how electronic jihad and strategic messaging
> affect the worldwide public opinion, both in the western countries and
> in the Arab world, representing a new icon of "global jihad".
> On the other hand, activists and human right defenders risk their life
> while reporting stories to reveal misconducts by ISIS and document the
> horrors caused by the terror regime. The goal is to understand and to
> discuss how ISIS unleashed cyber jihad, as well as the strategies
> activists and human right advocates use to oppose this form of terror,
> Internet censorship and surveillance.
> (*the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Daesh by its Arabic language
> acronym)
> ## Conference programme
> (see more details at: www.disruptionlab.org/terror-feeds)
> # Friday November 24 · 2017
> 17:00-18:30 – KEYNOTE
> Sue Turton (Reporter and Journalist, Former Al Jazeera Correspondent,
> UK), Charlie Winter (Senior Research Fellow ICSR Centre, Associate
> Fellow ICCT The Hague, PhD Fellow King’s College London, UK). Moderated
> by Mauro Mondello (Investigative Journalist, IT/DE).
> 19:00-21:00 – PANEL
> Dlshad Othman (Activist and IT Security Engineer, SY/US), Aymenn
> Al-Tamimi (Jihad-Intel Research Fellow at the Middle East Forum, SY/UK),
> Donatella Della Ratta (Writer and Arab Media Specialist, John Cabot
> University, IT). Moderated by Frederike Kaltheuner (Programme Lead and
> Policy Officer, Privacy International, DE/UK).
> # Saturday November 25 · 2017
> 16:00-17:30 – PANEL
> Saud Al-Zaid (Scholar of Islamic Studies, Berlin Graduate School of
> Muslim Cultures, DE), Pieter Van Ostaeyen (Historian & Arabist, PhD
> candidate KU Leuven, BE). Moderated by Dave Keating (Journalist, US/BE).
> 18:00-19:30 – KEYNOTE
> Amrit Singh (Head of the Accountability, Liberty, and Transparency
> Cluster of the Open Society Justice Initiative, US), Michèle Hassen
> (Radicalisation Awareness Network RAN Education, Working Group Leader,
> EU/FR). Moderated by John Goetz (Investigative Journalist, US/DE).
> 20:00-21:30 – KEYNOTE
> Abdalaziz Alhamza /Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently -RBSS
> (Co-founder, Media Activist, SY/DE); Aaron Y. Zelin (Founder of
> Jihadology.net and JihadPod, Richard Borow Fellow at the Washington
> Institute, US). Moderated by Donatella Della Ratta (Writer and Arab
> Media Specialist, John Cabot University, IT).
> ## Pre-Lab & Workshop programme
> Friday November 10 · 2017 - 19:30-22:00 (& bar afterwards)
> Introduction by Mauro Mondello (co-curator of the "Terror Feeds"
> conference and investigative journalist). Presentation of the project
> "Topography of Memory: Counter Destruction in the State of Terror & The
> 'MemoTopo' " by Nassim Mehran (Architect, Researcher and Lecturer at
> Humboldt University of Berlin, IRN/DE) and others.
> # WORKSHOP at Supermarkt Berlin
> Sunday November 26 · 2017
> 15:00-17:00 - Ticket: 12 Euro, max 20 people, register at
> info(at)disruptionlab.org
> Dlshad Othman (Activist and IT Security Engineer, SY/US), Aymenn
> Al-Tamimi (Jihad-Intel Research Fellow at the Middle East Forum, SY/UK).
> 12th event of the Disruption Network Lab series by the Disruption
> Network Lab e.V.. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and investigative
> journalist Mauro Mondello. In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg
> /Bethanien, SPEKTRUM and Supermarkt Berlin. Funded by the Reva & David
> Logan Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, the Bertha Foundation and the
> Checkpoint Charlie Foundation. Supported by the Radicalisation Awareness
> Network (RAN). In collaboration with the Alexander von Humboldt
> Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG). Media Partners: ExBerliner,
> Furtherfield.
> Before and after each event you can follow us online at:
> Website: www.disruptionlab.org
> Twitter: twitter.com/disruptberlin (#dnl)
> Facebook: facebook.com/disruptionlab

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