[NetBehaviour] Thu 23 Nov - DAOWO 2# Identity Trouble (on the blockchain)

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I can only speak for myself but although I'm relatively lukewarm about the whole blockchain thing I think the list is enlivened rather than anything else by energy and passion in some actual discussion. I'd encourage anyone who finds it not to their taste to post about something else but to at least skim the contributions.
Who knows -there might be unsuspected commonalities waiting to be found. God help us if we end up with the Yahooisation of the discussion where we only read things to our taste.
In 1939 good old Trotsky wrote an article entitled 'Ignorance is not a revolutionary instrument',in which he was spot on as so often.

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Dear All,
We are increasingly aware of the discomfort felt by many here about the 
extended discussions around arts and blockchain on this list. We are in 
the process of setting up a new list specifically for this topic to 
allow Netbehaviour to regain its balance.
But until then, we are still keen to invite any of you with access to 
London to participate in this event.

:) Ruth
Thu 23 Nov - DAOWO 2# Identity Trouble (on the blockchain), Goethe 
Institute, London.

14.00-17.30 – Workshop devised and hosted by Ruth Catlow and Ben 
Vickers. With Ramon Amaro, Ed Fornieles, Thor Karlsson & Emily Rosamond

19.00-20.30 – Screening of the documentary My Name is Janez Janša 
(2012). Introduced by Ruth Catlow and Janez Janša (Aksioma)

Identity Trouble (on the blockchain) is the second event in the DAOWO 
blockchain laboratory and debate series for reinventing the arts.

Identity is considered one of the hardest problems in the blockchain 
space, as it is here that it really matters how human and machinic 
systems connect. With the potential to fix and potentially impinge upon 
the relationship between our subjective sense of self, freedom to use 
multiple identities and our machine-assigned identities.

More info here http://www.daowo.org/#identity-trouble-on-the-blockchain


The programme is devised by Ruth Catlow and Ben Vickers in collaboration 
with the Goethe-Institut London, and the State Machines programme. Its 
title is inspired by a paper written by artist, hacker and writer Rob 
Myers called DAOWO – Decentralised Autonomous Organisation With Others.

Co-founder Co-director


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around critical questions in art and technology, since 1997

Furtherfield is a Not-for-Profit Company limited by Guarantee
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