[NetBehaviour] Video of 26 Oct 2017 – Reinventing the Art Lab (on the blockchain) | Goethe-Institut, London

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Video of 26 Oct 2017 – Reinventing the Art Lab (on the blockchain)

Panel discussion with Helen Kaplinsky, Julian Oliver & Hito Steyerl.

Hosted by Ruth Catlow and Ben Vickers at Goethe-Institut, London.

The blockchain laboratory and debate series for reinventing the arts. Following the inaugural workshop of the DAOWO series, this panel set out to establish a public platform for the discussion of opportunities, dangers and complexity inherent in the very idea of applying blockchain technologies to the production and circulation of art. DAOWO - [http://www.daowo.org/](https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.daowo.org%2F&h=ATPan-PKA65TlwfDT1CTUH7W2Xs1B2a7GkW2qFsdNYYr_Mxj3U1pzDLRa37pGNF1NOzfrDEAhnDQSZlA7Xcdlh-Xxf2qHRQLLxw_MlHzNe-wnTxP8i7I42kV4DT32BRbCrzKHPb5U-P-ftowGkUb5YjOyFu5iBDT8MGwzKe6PYHhu_nXtpleNb3gCAFFOrk7HuIP-cbyLKg7JZHkKEpWHTE48-CyMWVMezjuTw-9XYU_fmu_HiC3TFsD099JBJbVO1wefiy7HglBEzjnX3YkHmOxpA)

Wishing you well.

Marc Garrett

Co-Founder, Co-Director and main editor of Furtherfield.
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Furtherfield Gallery & Commons in the park
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Currently writing a PhD at Birkbeck University, London
Just published: Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain
Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner
Liverpool Press - http://bit.ly/2x8XlMK

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