[NetBehaviour] blockchain electrical consumption?

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 23 20:12:43 CET 2017

Hi, when you say 'even off-grid is worth doing' - one thing missing for me 
in the discussion is anything outside of digital accountancy and 
data-bases; the 'market' keeps coming up. 'Off-grid' is what a lot of 
performance artists, dancers, painters, sculptors, etc. do; Stelarc is a 
mix of course (as in a way Mark Boyle was years ago). Does one believe 
that all art can be embedded in the digital? That work which can't be, can 
only enter through market forces and transfer? For me, even music is 
problematic online, given that my work can range from, say, .4 hz to 40k 
hz which takes things a bit out of mp3 or even standard wav. I'd love to 
see a discussion beginning with off-grid, not saying "even" such is 
worthwhile - beginning with off-grid and seeing what sort of contribution 
the digital makes, other than market/transfer. At times I think we're too 
close to the Wired ideology...

- Alan, and no I'm not a luddite or anti-tech; if anything I need more 
involvement; having no institutional affiliation keeps me out of the loop 
at times. And that's part of the problem for a lot of us - how much of 
what we're talking about relies on such affiliation? In relation to, for 
example, some poet somewhere who just writes and distributes? Or are those 
people also out of the loop?

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