[NetBehaviour] blockchain electrical consumption?

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Fri Nov 24 05:57:27 CET 2017

On 23/11/17 09:27 AM, helen varley jamieson wrote:

> is it fear of death that makes people want their data to hang around
> for eternity? immortality in the blockchain?

There's a growth industry in blockchain estate planning, which means
that some hodlers at least are acknowledging their mortality -


The persistence, immutability and public nature of the blockchain seems
to have more to do with the demands of instantiating and proving
ideologically determined notions of just social relations.

> i have nightmarish visions of the blockchain - or rather, a forest of
> multiple, mostly proprietary/closed blockchains - growing unstoppably
> until we are suffocated & strangled by it all

While the existing finance regime is recuperating blockchain ("DLT") as
fast as it can throw money at it, Bitcoin is a decentralised technology
that stands in contrast to the centralised databases of the "cashless
society". Small victories...

Also, regarding the electricity used to secure Bitcoin's blockchain,
hydro-electric power is a good way of running miners. Or if people want
to use less electricity there's Proof-of-Stake.

- Rob.

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