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Aileen Derieg a.derieg at eliot.at
Tue Nov 28 12:21:00 CET 2017

Dear Netbehaviourists,

Some of you may still remember the difficulties we had in Austria 
starting in the year 2000, when the conservative People's Party joined 
forces with the far-right "Freedom Party" to form the disastrous 
"black-blue government". Since our elections in October, we are now 
facing a disheartening reprise of this situation, as the People's Party, 
now re-branded as a "movement" with the symbolic color turquois, is 
negotiating with the far-right "Freedom Party" to form a coalition 
government at the federal level.

In Upper Austria we are already dealing with a "black-blue government" 
at the provincial level, which is proposing massive funding cuts in the 
areas of social service and especially arts and culture. We have a 
campaign going to put pressure on the governor to resist the destructive 
impulses from the far right, and now information about this campaign is 
available in English:


These proposed cuts threaten to wipe out especially small initiatives in 
rural regions, which are already just scraping by mostly through 
self-exploitation and voluntary efforts, but they could also lead to the 
closure of important independent organizations and venues in Linz.

More than 14,000 people have already signed our petition, and now we 
would be very grateful for international support as well.

Thank you,

Aileen Derieg
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