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Sat Sep 9 03:49:45 CEST 2017

Jesus storm

http://www.alansondheim.org/EVER514.JPG (fear for Everglades)
http://www.alansondheim.org/EVER049.JPG (pray for Everglades)


Some of what I, Jesus have said before about guarding and other
things like how many of us are there and how's the table coming

Guard itself under attack, from black fire, white night, dark
sun, guard itself among young men, I among them. I am there, I
say Among You, guard me under attack, overworked. You don't know
knowledge here. You don't know how to move toward experience,
an example: Examine the present moment.

Thomas, I examine the present moment. What do you see, Jesus. I
see I must examine the present moment, Jesus says. I can't
believe this, he adds. I just can't believe this. If I'm among
myself, are you among me? I am an armory for microbes. They
steer me. They write the island which is me with murky shores.
At noontime they give me the short share. Meaning's always
something of belief, I think. I hammer nails into myself.

That carries meaning on an aircraft of debt and delight, 1
moment after another. Look, we're all multitudes. It's time to
instigate comments, whatever comments. It's time to begin what
will be called, in the distant future, an instant.

An instant, what is that. An instant will come in the future,
whatever you hear. Stop with the carpentry, Mary. Look, it's a
nice table.

I have one thing to say, only one thing, mark my Word in this
future instant:

All moments are foreign. I repeat for you:
All moments are foreign. *

[ thomas 10 91 77 - glass glory gloss
10 guarding it itself under until it itself black blazing --

Guard itself itself under under itself black black .

77 special splendid split a picture a piece of often worked
wooden wood anyone - and I among you - I am there -

Special special special a picture a picture often worked worked
worked anyone - anyone I among young - I among there  -

91 you don't  knowledge know however  how to toward experience -
example - examine the present moment - ]

[ Young don't knowledge knowledge however however toward toward
experience - experience - experience there present moment -
Quoted - the identity of jesus works more as a locus of
questioning than as a firm foundation for belief. P 172. there
identity often jesus worked moment asked a locus often quality
there asked a finally foreign foreign believe . ...if I among
myself whatever then. Anyone if one's comments toward meaning ,
whatever then. For there itself island write , notice noontime
short share believe me. There believe meaning .

Carried there the aircraft delight moment - foreign moment -

Always I am among myself : THAT is fundamental .

Among raised range random particular parallel parables - toward
to instant instinct instigate whatever comments - ]

* This is the raised range of whatever comments. I know you are
there ready to get me. Get me and you get yourself. I don't know
how to say this, that 1 thing:

Everyone is just messed up with everyone else. Even photons mess
with photons. So stop trying to define yourselves, we'll stop
trying to define you, stop trying to define us. These are
electronics we're in the middle of. Stop trying to defend your-
self. Defend the Everglades. We're unspeakable.

* This is the raised range of comments.

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