[NetBehaviour] A Literary-Musical Evening

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 13 05:45:34 CEST 2017

A Literary-Musical Evening


" Ptr...r...r...ing--twing--twang--prut--trut--'tis a cursed bad
fiddle.--Do you know whether my fiddle's in tune or
no?--trut...prut.. .--They should be fifths.--'Tis wickedly
strung--tr...a.e.i.o.u.-twang.--The bridge is a mile too high,
and the sound post absolutely down,--else--trut...prut--hark!
tis not so bad a tone.--Diddle diddle, diddle diddle, diddle
diddle, dum. There is nothing in playing before good
judges,--but there's a man there--no--not him with the bundle
under his arm--the grave man in black.--'Sdeath! not the
gentleman with the sword on.--Sir, I had rather play a Caprichio
to Calliope herself, than draw my bow across my fiddle before
that very man; and yet I'll stake my Cremona to a Jew's trump,
which is the greatest musical odds that ever were laid, that I
will this moment stop three hundred and fifty leagues out of
tune upon my fiddle, without punishing one single nerve that
belongs to him--Twaddle diddle, tweddle diddle,--twiddle
diddle,--twoddle diddle,--twuddle diddle,--prut
trut--krish--krash--krush.--I've undone you, Sir,--but you see
he's no worse,--and was Apollo to take his fiddle after me, he
can make him no better.

" Diddle diddle, diddle diddle, diddle diddle--hum--dum--drum."

Sterne, Tristram Shandy

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