[NetBehaviour] AlgoMech Symposium on Unmaking, Sat 11th Nov 2017, Sheffield UK

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*AlgoMech - Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement*


11th November 2017
Old Post Hall, Sheffield Institute of Arts

This symposium puts forward Unmaking as a form of resistance. The taking
apart of technology - whether algorithmic or mechanic - is a step in
reaching new understanding, whether cultural, historical, or technical. The
focus on movement in this process, for example through choreographic,
musical, textile, or political action, provides common language for
discussion across disciplines. The symposium is convened by the PENELOPE
project, where the mythological figure of Penelope from Ancient Greece
provides a universal paradigm of unmaking.

Registration: £17.50 including lunch.

Discussion will be lead by:
- Ellen Harlizius-Klück
<https://penelope.hypotheses.org/ellen-harlizius-kluck>, weaver,
- Laura Sillars <http://sitegallery.org/>, curator
- Ernest Edmonds <http://ernestedmonds.com/>, computer artist

Other participants include:
 - Amy Twigger-Holroyd <http://www.keepandshare.co.uk/research>, reknitter
- Emma Cocker <http://not-yet-there.blogspot.co.uk/>, writer-artist
- Flavia Carraro <https://penelope.hypotheses.org/flavia-carraro>,
anthropologist of technology and science
- Naomi Kashiwagi <http://www.naomikashiwagi.co.uk/>, visual and sound
- Christian Faubel <http://christian.faubel.derstrudel.org/>, autonomous
systems researcher, media artist
- Sarah Kenchington <http://algomech.com/2017/artists/sarah-kenchington/>,
mechanical orchestrator
- Amanda Ross <http://arossfiber.com/>, weaver-musician
- Dave Griffiths <https://fo.am/kernow/>, live coder, generalist
- Giovanni Fanfani <https://penelope.hypotheses.org/giovanni-fanfani>,
classical philologist
- Alex McLean <http://slab.org/>, software artist, live coder

More information and tickets:

Part of the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement
8-12th November

AlgoMech is co-funded by Arts Council England, European Research Council
and PRS Foundation
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