[NetBehaviour] "Let Us Now Prey Upon Predators"

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Wed Sep 20 16:27:32 CEST 2017

Facebook Exit: I'll not be posting here for another few years: no big deal. {If only to have your work/life matter (in
whatever reparation-future might finally be attained), I'd urge you to disconnect from the cultural-institutional and
other toxic grids generally. Or maybe it won't matter one way or another. I can easily be reached in-person and online.}
FB, like the imposed art agencies, quickly becomes antagonistic and sophomoric [and managed and controlled: "do you buy
this?"], but not like the ol' days of mailing-lists (when issues were eventually worked-out fairly-well, usually... but
the collective intent was there) -- the ubiquitous screens now seem to repudiate honest/effective communication: how
ironic -- given that we first attempted to escape oppressive institutional cliches/clutches that were likely 'designed' to
enhance the inequities. Worthless, False Cultural Institutions Hoard Wretched Validation Tokens and call it History. I
grow weary of all the treachery, selfish deceit and attendant willful-ignorance. Artworld-acolytes are the worst. They
gleefully sell their shriveled souls for a few chocolate cake crumbs. Race to the precipice. Sell that fatuous dissent. No
tomorrow now... Any possible-future can only be dispersive and not restrictive: dilutive as accumulative. Nothing Lost.
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