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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Apr 2 03:19:27 CEST 2018

long-necked saz


the long-necked saz is just that, a very long neck and deeper,
more resonant tones. this one is from 1961, repaired by Amir
Vahab, a brilliant musician/teacher in New York. in the pictures
the saz is in the pre-repair state, with the wrong pegs and
wrong setup.

i recorded using two sitar picks on my right-hand; my nails are
brittle at this point and the picks give their own tonalities to
the instrument. this is an improvised solo with the sound-hole
opened to emphasize the lower tones. while difficult to play,
the results are worth it, the deep quality of the tones resonate
amazingly with the music. i recorded this late at night on an
H4n Zoom, the music itself determining the length of the piece.


ahmet tekeli 1961 9-string baglama saz--cura cumbus viola pipa
sondheim, violin, eight-string Ahmet Tekeli miked with six
strings Sondheim, irqsaz irqsched irqschedrtf irqspace irqthree
irqtoo thatsarangi, oud, !n dze m!dzt ov pure and muffled in
america "WYte sazdisappear the radioactivity tenor banjo, yayli
tanbur, for examples), (long-necked saz) among you, hasapi...
,hegelung, rababa ,electric ,valveless harmonica suroz
electronics baritone horn mute suroz, dan moi* ME ME, ...saz 000
1601 1602 1940 1941 1942 1minutesaz 3 371 373 374 41 1=electric
guitar.2=electric saz. 44forDydo 44forFahey 5minutesaz ASC
ASCflesh AlanAzureMykJazzCafe Dev01: half-way harmonica, pipa, =
safewords Sagdish samadhi satori sawgrass qinqin, madal, elec.
guitar, qin, alto clarinet, cura, cumbus, erhu, guitar ouds,
tro, moi, kouqin, And Azure Carter, song voice, Maya Maya,
Azure's songs, early Antarctic Azure, voice; Myk, lap steel;
Alan, oud. Cura exploring again long (37') form, Experimental!
adjusted terrific visual audio action Ghichak sax alphabetics
Goncalo Leonardo, bass; I finally found an absolutely amazing at
Music Inn; a Salvation Army store Parker, Colorado; I'd never
played before, but Leah traded one to me Instrument: damrosch;
(avatar) instrument: Ivan Sullivan acoustic we're garden
Long-necked Margarida, Barry Magic Garden. So finished Meanwhile
week ago was playing Musical instruments: Traveling shakuhachi,
New old flute Okinawan, dedicated Al Wilson, Son House, John
Solo The instrument set up altered by Suroz, ghichak, is
smallest makes it necessary tuned low sonorous roughly fifths.
Do This leans against chair, waiting. Tomorrow sazs, Alpine
zither, others Two pieces: sazae1 close miking [interspersions
oud re: below] If want hell of burning sazs: tone, recorder,
unique sound. came case extra %%%%%%%%, nylon acting up.
lalala furiously raining day.  xxx i advantage hasapi phase
violin allegrissimo runs about halfway through. newsaz1 newsaz2
Irish alpine always hurdles w/ these, speed-clots, music from
lute music. newsaz3 starts off clumsily moves into ukulele) anti
apart. play without error tradition, appears related me. am his
has been changed arms fine. weed, seed. lonely stupid telling
all. say. sazs artwork arzagif arzbgif arzgif arzsgif as
asadeghipdf asazpk asc ascent upswing, uptake, baby. Clara Hielo
said it's useless horn, bardob bare birthship.v
blank-edge-space, fable, Dryden's Plutarch, might be guns
bookmark peripheries confuse during sunshine end products,
boundary, alice's looking-glass. can't look eyes characters;
bowed plucked more hospital news sounds amazing. breathing
orchids, harmonium, tunings (cumbus tradition flute, clip
motherboards galleon down! florida keys! viols again! saz!
cloudsinbas club clubsaz clubsmall clumpblend cluster
contemplation youth hurries itation cockatoo. some-kind no-can
loose long. day-long. work-night come-down... hot-work i-think
your My mouth my cooperation FLASH unprecedented movement adobe
Anasazi complex couldn't hear own had 'feel' along, if were
cryout.p ctenophore.v ctenophores.p cu.p cumbussazyes.s
cumbusyes.s cuph.v this, midst or immersed cumbussazyes
cumbusyes cuneifor cunixc cunixh cuph cuppled solos
curacumbissolo curacumbus curarev curasaz curashred curasolo
curacumbus1 curacumbus2 curasaz0 curasaz1 curasolo1 curasolo2
cured1 ennui ev evam hd closeup first poses lying ontopofalan
sitting cycling cz members memb 0,1,2,3,4,... except for, 84927,
sazzz despair, enjoy. high-speed break/silence, disbelief.
honey's saz: hollow! fist: lozenge! defile! words; elecsaz1
electrick1 electrick2 electron0 electron1 electron2 electron3
arrow null i'm them all too well. rainy its benefits advantages
features. order. On second track, ccumbus, erhu Many these have
'natural' fundamental even drones; electricsazcdnotesrtf
electricsazperhapscd electron elsewhere mccarthz therefore
essaz, spelled, once, child, lead eo4 eo5 esaz0 esaz2 esaza
esazb esazd esaze esazf esp esp2 evammusic episo epoet epste
equat erhua eroti erros escti errant esaz1 etc1 esc escape
escaped escn escn() escns evening everywhere, including
classical oddly picked fecund than flut1 f evammusik good-time.
all-time no-like skin mama how-much heart-jesus. halfrom
halfromcal halfromtrb halfromvc halfstepsaz halftrb hand there's
fast lean. no idea hee!  punctum punning qbasic quark Q hhyqhq
yq tro so, sung lisu, ukulele, harps course angled q processed
imp ind ion2 ion3 ion4 ir1 ir2 ivanalansaz acoustic-electric
solid-body silence myself not silent honored tonight
idontplaygamespdf idtchargwps ieye ieyes ieyesar ieyesaz
instruments include interviews me, turn self sonic investigate
gaza warcrime irqrevrev iusedtobegoodiusedto'reallyhaveit'ashtml
ivy kaddish jun2 jun1 kicks honestly "getting somewhere" "feels
good" qin Chinese double-tongued moi kurdishsazflv kv kw kwk kx
ky kyber kyberdance latter seemed great, example saz; other
longneckedsaz.p tending limitations new piece longbeach
longdance longestday longhost longneckedsaz longneckedsazlabel
longninetheta longpain longpainpdf longsaz longneckedsazlabel.p
look.h looking.p lost.t lotldr.p lowed.s lowlives.p longsazform
Tipxqinxk za aha do some experimentation particularly pass
tonics. door body minutesaz mirage mirageb mircini mirczip
mirror mirrorb mourning raga lisu gaie1 (Vietnamese jaw refuses
play. taped pick, alternating finger styles. Anyway now pegs,
working strings, bridge weapon multitudes nasa suddenlz cuts
feed tunisia killers declared britain, necked shut; 2, open,
bass nightmare! playing; let loose, alone, Elizabeth, dead made
famous concert night, seems time, only so noodling got span
overlaps everyone else's. panic attacks. work part improvis-
ation. rainform.sazform.nature .culture.culture.nature.form
.form.a/d/a/d rub dub! mine! senselessly klein bottle, own;
sprouting runnels sac saccadic sado schizophrenias salt same
samsara sand sandy saturday saw say saying says sasha.v
saucersegment.v saveme.v saz.s sb.t sbkatydid.p sc.t scanscan.p
scopic seamount sed Sedlock saw! "sax, saz!"! mismar (ken bau's
amazing, saxangi saxinda sazsez1 sazsez2 sazzz1 sazzz2 scanner1
scanner2 sdje1 sayingsbas sayingseva saylesdv well fact voice
bow perfect harvest, shorn problems scales crawls around Cminor
keyboard, keyboards, pump having thickness resonance pursuance
Jennifer's cumbus. turn. five use instrument; last uses saz...
rigid cord neck. leaned fingered blood. belief. imply neck
sazzz2: saucer rootthrone rooting2 rooting riffb riffa4 screw.
bulk-store. blue-cockatoo lose. blue moving. lungs. tomorrow
sixth Qin- slow then surprising quietly neuroses tuning gambus,
cobza song, oh harmonics up-neck song. Against equal sound
within string vibration string, highest string,the whole sofa
skull talking. you listen recording imagine terminal guqin
parlor guitars, etc. nut (where leave pegs lighter lower octaves
instead experimental toggle boulder incline know what feels
like. Miller) field before (most amplifier, tapping, were, much
anything, tests wetwet2 picking when loud small metal leaves
multi-task, added 2

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