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... building an empathy muscle ...

*From the chatlog:*
-Johannes Birringer: Karina, i learnt much from *Corpos Informaticos*, they
used a whole different set of simple tools that i began to appreciate in
many ways
-Daniel Perseguim: yes, Beatriz Medeiros from corpos informáticos are
changing the ways of performing, learning expressing… the tools are the
simple language, *the failures*, the “gambiarras”
-Alan Sondheim: there’s an odd calmness here, as if they’re dream images or
freud’s magic slate at work
-Maria Chatzichristodoulou: yes Alan, i was thinking it’s a calming
experience watching this
-Alan Sondheim: *Calming in the midst of potential revolution*, disturbance
-Jessica Laraine Williams: I almost feel as if we are *neural nets being
trained* with various iterants of standard objects, as a reference library.
The repetitive verbal cues sound like training signals
-Alan Sondheim: there’s an *economics at work*
-Marc Garrett: It’s DIWO in realtime!
-Maria Chatzichristodoulou: it is interesting that Kit Galloway and Sherrie
Rabinowitz were also talking about *experiments rather than performances*
as such, and considered training, rehearsal and performance to be the same


Traces <http://bram.org/en-semble/> from *Online En-semble* *Entanglement
Training *with Antye Greie, Helen Varley Jamieson, Soyung Lee, Hýõng Ngô,
Daniel Pinheiro, and Igor Stromajer - video, photos, chat log, reactions,
Qu(o)i agence Quand. <http://bram.org/VR/> / Wh(o/at) <=> arranges <=> When.
<https://aabrahams.wordpress.com/2018/02/17/vr-performance-residency/> VR
performance + residency. Archives, notes, protocol, video, photos.
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