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I think you'd find this level of complexity all the way back; if you look
for example at telegraphy - beyond Morse, the codes used were incredibly
complicated. For that matter even silver photography had it complexities;
it's almost as if complexity rises to any occasion... (try sliderule or

- Alan

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>> What fascinates me is the complexity of the techniques used in
>> 1973
> Yes – a perspective in time  – an effort at what-can-be-done (at the
> time). Where our representative understanding is built upon (con)currency –
> not only through the limitations of media, but also using the current
> models of thought. Could this apparent flatness give rise to speculations
> based on layered interpretations and perspectival distortions? (On this
> last point, I’ve often wondered whether our relatively dense position in
> all of the nothingness has led to an interpretation of an expanding
> universe – but then again, there are smart people working on these ideas.)
> Even the idea of a holographic universe was developed from/against a wrong
> assumption about black holes (Hawking failing to observe that matter is
> spun out in jets from the poles) and that existence and its representations
> are enduring – that (imagistic?) representation is lost beyond the event
> horizon being mathematically proven to be not entirely true.
> “Time crystals” have recently been an item in science news in that they
> look like the way that memory can be stored with quantum computers. I was
> also interested to find Deleuze talking about “the crystals of time” in his
> "Cinema 2 - The Time Image" and how they compare to the use of blockchain:
> “The crystal-image thus receives the principle which is its foundation:
> endlessly relaunching exchange which is dissymmetrical, unequal and without
> equivalence, giving image for money, giving time for images, converting
> time, the transparent side, and money, the opaque side, like a spinning top
> on its end.”
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