[NetBehaviour] brutal job and course cuts where I work -please sign the petition

Michael Szpakowski m at michaelszpakowski.org
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Thanks so much Alan! Anyone else if you haven't signed please consider doing so - every signature helps!best wishesmichael

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Of course signed and hopefully passed on! Thank you!
Obviously this is a mess and is going on all over the place -
Best, Alan

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And for those of you who have a connection with the course and with Writtle, please leave a comment...If you're an artist or writer &c any sort please identify yourself... :)I'm attaching the motion passed today nem con in our UCU branch meeting..Please also tweet, FB, e mail...thanks!MichaelSign the Petition

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Sign the Petition
 tessmaths1 at gmail.com: Defend Education at Writtle university College! No to course cuts, no to redundancies!  |   |




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