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This looks kind of interesting -

    Open Call for Works, The New Networked Normal

  * LocationNorth West, UK + Europe
  * Type
  * Salary
  * Artformcombined arts, interdisciplinary arts, Other, Digital art
  * ContactCat Shaw submissions at andfestival.org.uk
    <mailto:submissions at andfestival.org.uk?subject=Re%20Open%20Call%20for%20Works>


*The New Networked Normal is delighted to launch an open call for new 
artistic projects to be presented on **nnn.freeport.global* 

The nnn.freeport.global <https://nnn.freeport.global/> is an alternative 
space for the distribution of artworks, inspired by new networked 
geographies, duty-free art storage sites and free-trade zones, the 
darknet, and other liminal spaces, to ask what challenges and 
opportunities these spaces pose for anonymity, authorship, and autonomy. 
The platform experiments with the peer-to-peer, content-addressed system 
Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InterPlanetary_File_System> as backend, 
with the platform acting as a hybrid HTTP/IPFS gateway to the artworks 
and content. Built as an alternative space for the sharing and 
distribution of content, nnn.freeport.global brings focus to the 
backstreets, black markets, and divergent parts of the internet to share 
and debate the value of art.

*NNN invites proposals for the support of new creative work or the 
expansion of existing research into artistic outputs, to be presented on 
nnn.freeport.global <https://nnn.freeport.global/> between September 
2018 - April 2019*. *NNN will support the production of 2-4 works with a 
budget between *€1000 - €4000* towards fees and production costs for 
each project. This opportunity is open to individuals or groups *working 
across any artforms in Europe*

NNN are interested in works that further explore the nnn.freeport.global 
<https://nnn.freeport.global/> themes and infrastructures:

 1. *Extra-territorial Spaces*
    What opportunities can the shifting of existing territories and
    emergence of new territories (on and offline) create? From old, new
    and invisible borders to material sovereignties and new networked
    topologies what alternative forms of value making should be debated?
 2. *Future of the internet and its communities*
    What challenges are presented by radical decentralization of both
    infrastructure and data. Are there new ways of inhabiting
    peer-to-peer systems, darknets, and other decentralized spaces, such
    as blockchain, IPFS, beaker browser, bit/webtorrent, etc?
 3. *Algorithmic Citizenship*
    Networked technologies and infrastructures are challenging
    traditional notions of identity and citizenship. AI and other
    automation (most recently Deepfakes) can pose questions about
    authenticity. What does this mean for the future of freedom and

Further info - https://thennn.eu/home/call-for-work/

Deadline - 31.05.2018

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