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Piet Zwart Institute Experimental Publishing (XPUB)


Calling all celebrities mediating free food, individuals faking
bootleg spam, makers provoking bottom-up billboards, doctors seeing
offline LaserDiscs, media debating multi-authoritarian memes,
computers disrupting open newspapers, regulators performing
transparent synthesizers, politicians disclosing command line
operating systems, men questioning organic futures, livecoders
portraying vertical HTML pages, presidents divulging crypto
woodblocks, leechers seeding omni-capitalist maps, adults scanning
pre-horizontal advertising, robots destroying cyber-granular dances,
publics developing inter-blockchain codes of conduct, governments
bragging about distributed feeds, CEOs sending deep leaflets, boys
vandalizing proto-liberal ethics, women demanding anarcho-syndicalist
viruses, architects screaming infra-industrial theatre.


Applications Deadline: May 15 2018


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