[NetBehaviour] ransomeware notice phishing just arrived -

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Aug 2 22:47:33 CEST 2018

This literally just came to my inbox.

- Alan

Subject: You'r? my vi?tim

Hi, vi?tim.

I writ? you b??ause I ?ut ? malw?re on th? web p?g?with ??rnwhi?h y?u hav?
visited. My virus gr?bbed all y?ur pers?nal info ?nd turned ?nyour ??mera
which captur?d th? pr?c?ss ?fy?ur on?nism. Just after that the s?ft s?v?d
y?ur c?ntact list. I will d?let? th? c?mpromising vid?o and info if y?u
p?y me 250 USD in bit??in. This is ?ddr?ss for p?yment :
I giv? you 24 hours after y?u ???n my
m?ss?g? for m?king the trans?ction. As s?on as you r?ad the m?ss?ge I'll
s?e it right ?way. It is n?t n?cessary to t?ll m?that y?u h?ve sent mon?y
to m?. This address is c?nnected t?y?u, my syst?m will d?lete everything
aut?mati?ally ?ft?r tr?nsf?r ?onfirmati?n. If y?u n??d48 h just re?ly on
this l?tter with +. Y?u c?n visit th? ??li?? station but nobody ?an hel?
y?u. If you try to de?eiv? m?, I'll s?e it right away ! I d?nt liv? in
your ??untry. S?they can n?t tra?k my lo?ati?n ?v?nfor 9 months. Go?dbye.
Dont f?rget ?bout the shame ?nd t?ignor?, Y?ur lif? ?an b?ruined.

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