[NetBehaviour] Talking about talking in Montreal

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 8 23:10:26 CEST 2018

Talking about talking in Montreal


Very nervous about the attempt to talk about four or five
different categories of semeiotics within the space of 15
minutes and then to present the rough idea of a Dynamics going
between the signifier and the signified as if these were ever
separated and not knowing how to proceed in a way that is going
to lay this out with Clarity in the amount of time given. The
issue is that even if you look at Freud oerlikon* when you've
got all of these diagrams going back to sosua** you're going to
find yourself in the mess. And then if you try to bring into
account Michelle ser*** and the parasite there are more problems
and if you try to bring in Dynamics and category Theory there
are still more problems. I really don't know a way around the
confusion here except to proceed with a lure. The lure is the
video that will be shown simultaneously in an attempt to
distract the audience and an inability to theorize correctly.
This is where I'm coming from half fake and the other half
quack. Somewhere in between fake and Quack there's a Dynamics.
It's just an Amex**** which I'm examining in light of a pretense
to an academic paper. There's nothing how to deal with four or
five different semiotic categories and have it make sense to the
audience or even to myself. So this is an attempt to apologize
ahead of time before I even begin so that if you are as confused
as I am. You might even take me out for a cup of coffee. Thank

See you soon in Montreal if we don't see you first and in any
case I hope this makes some sort of sense. It's always good to
apologize ahead of time so that if you criticize me I can say
I've already criticize***** myself and I've criticized myself
far worse than you can ever criticize me because only I can know
the unbelievable extent and depth of my ignorance. Thank you.

*or Lacan

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