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*Rabbiting on by Michael Szpakowski* 
<https://www.furtherfield.org/rabbiting-on/>*| Furtherfield Community Blog
*"R*ecently I was approached to conceive and run an outreach project to 
accompany a solo show of work by Eduardo Kac at Furtherfield Gallery in 
North London’s Finsbury Park.

*A*mong the works on show was one of Kac’s Lagoogleglyphs, large scale 
stylised representations of rabbits (something of a signature obsession 
for him) painted in some sort of sportsground emulsion directly onto a 
section of the park and allegedly of a scale which make it harvestable 
by the satellites Google rents for its various mapping activities.

*B*eing completely frank, I have to say I entertained a degree of 
scepticism about Kac’s work—some of it falling within, in my view, one 
or both of two entertainment based metaphors—the ‘one-liner’ and the 
‘theme park’—neither particularly positive elements of my critical lexicon.

*B*e that as it may, some of the work, particularly the less grandiose 
pieces (that delicate bunny flag flapping above the gallery!) were 
touched enough with real poetry to make me want to take up the challenge.

*I* say ‘challenge’ advisedly for I’m only ever interested in doing 
anything which in some sense challenges me and I also felt that my 
ambivalence about Kac would result in anything I ended up making 
containing a return element of ‘challenge’ or, perhaps more gently put, 
practical critique.

*T*he word challenge also described the sense I had of wanting to 
counterpose collaboration, the collective, the everyday, to the artist 
with a capital ‘A’; of going some way to claiming art as a way of seeing 
and feeling and thinking together for All ( also with a capital ‘A’)."

*Read more, and see the GPS Rabbit drawings that Michael made with park 
visitors here https://www.furtherfield.org/rabbiting-on/*

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