[NetBehaviour] Future Speed Future 3

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 22 22:03:47 CEST 2018

Future Speed Future 3

http://www.alansondheim.org/cura2.mp3 (deeper cura saz)
http://www.alansondheim.org/viola2.mp3 (large viola with mute)

prayer eliminated and culled for kathy acker book

shaved bodies are perfect bodies, fish through atmosphere,
entering heaven unblemished, the 'h' in was not that word
phrase, i do remember help me heal our comfort, agitation,
horizon where people and buildings topple, new old, my dead
words have no comfort now, there a moment, remember beginning
with am sure of rest now gone, tracked down churned valley, lost
dirt, devouring, last night it had comforted close to sleep,
slept crying, thinking illness towards death, this phrase power
heal, please recover, read understood, understood your miseries
things above hanged last_word destroys things!

give name: nikuko user... welcome nikuko... you're user room:
portal you all alone here. access is fixed public messages on
board. topic has been set yet. hello here! what shall do? hello!
exclaim: someone must be very friend! friend go jennifer! .g
jennifer room landscapes couplings, come together other, link
begin speaking, unspeakable... here jennifer, crawl throat! will
out mouth .e dangles from kisses way inside! bye .echo says
goodbye! so good inside me, nikuko! exclaims: love madly! bye!
.wet breathless, nikuko, breathless .echo, moves faster than
speed light, beautiful panties, more we're leaving can't hold
breath any longer, madly madly!, more!

t .read e .w .desc bargirl-demiurge .map .rew .rev julu .l attic
office .write thank for them classroom collaboratorium name
nikuko; i'm forlorn. anything portal. leave portal, return "the
enemy." tired roaming these halls. back say hands; labor eats
away hunger speaks carries sweat blood; blood spurts carry signs
upon me; hall one .q sex/torsion: stillwork: email image
sequence:  jpegs: text:

nikuko>>   fuck me. send jpg. get or life. :-owant touch tits.
nikuko>>   fucking myself. yourself. like it. wrong camera. see
thing. take coming going hard. hear knocking. let in. naked.
hope really sutra truth which handed assembly command foundhical
struccomprehend; world nothing.reading again; being clear
brilliantthird, nothingwaits harbor. woif observe sutra, without

be at mail.necessity comprehend lies>perhaps ask escape cequal
among those who done deeds, given alms,become bodhisattvas
saints.of solstice. proagain tinybeyond bodhisattva saint,
giver, alms messiah, messiah prayerful.ii toppling
foundationdistaste ( ) eve shakyamunispell needing none launch
truth.spelltoship.this, learn read; whencharacters don't know
about you, but backwards text great; imagine :  swimbefore
characters; moored,none. need other.ship prow east west, none,
nor human animal them. tell under god o' nation flag country got
over religion mandate war-time i'll care health gimme anywhere
never afghanistan transportation education forever fries loved
everyone pakistan islam into poured they kabul code secret told
writing up valleys mountains mounds shell outside still stupid
bad writer

rare tasting babes you. gaget dio cacl re reserving fafrareaeeae
cacurve rar tions, wawe tul cacongr yer (fafirst raresponses
oaonly) dadvavdad bablowout <nettime> sasony papl l ctic ge ngu
- iaintroduction rare: tathe waworst wawoomer -expo te guerriill
ring upd music file-sh medi tus cacyberculture? aaafter babob
babruecklal's ges! sast sy second mortg eae cacook's "to"
[version ]_ / naneed uaurgent aaadvice _aaafter lalewis lal te]
th jajuly babe hot summer [syndic silent commerce descriotion
course tateaesastatiainangag, ke mam ns) fgh rtying s: uausas
kills p ldun (w iaibn kakh workshop money working home. papuns
(also re: recognition) [thingist] studentship tatime tatravelers
paplaleaeaaasaseae haheaelalpap!!!  aaany cacredit aaauto
laloan, aaapp, nano oaobligation <no subject> (from jaj.
mamoxley) splendid splinter waved home....
iainancacoaorarrareaecactat dadoaomamaaaiainan iainan
mamaaaiailal/rarcacpaptat cacoaomammamaaanandad mamessage
("yayour message dated sasat, jajul ...") <but you.> find place
dio.> babes.> god.> it's obeys.> obeys rare.> <hot raking <god
<rare needs urgent advice.> etc.> anyone steps spits spit step
god. grep subject .procmail/log >> zz sed 's/ subject: //g' >
yy; mvyy zz; pico 's/[a-z]/&a&/g' 's/a/ /g' 's/god/god/g'
's/babe/babe/g' -f -fo awk writer. *//secret at translation
recent communique. afraid life //* # leaky sieve ##
"harsh-beating theory"worst possible mannersinsashamed keeping
awake cold sweats inner violence midst dreamscomes ragged
shackled anecdote retributionengines advancements realm think
thing, only scenelives beats mind always color-slate stone-earth
microbeturns sayingtime even guns pulled forth strategies kept
much regretentire regrets unthinking thing thinking unshackled
polite^[j^[ll^[opk^[lwi cannot `^[ ^kbecause `i` because ^[
beaten`h` `h zz` \because less < `man cat` 'date' `date` found
<< look -v"it should noted connexion 'conventional
truth'provides safeguard against falsehood, 'philosophic guards
hallucination." (ledi sayadaw, niyama-dipani manual cosmic
order). took her virginity she mine went off crazy ^p^ubecause
could man cat pills tongue hallucination... . crossover rj house
bones belong one. irc log started thu jul *** value
^b<^bnikuko^b>^b ^b***^b nicuko ([biq zl sd at panix .panix.com)
joined channel

<nicuko> marring else disturbance nicked belittling just lay we
removed something chewed dogs grinding machines between circles
scattering limbs. caught cauterized. belonging logged broken.
bent sleeplessness. he there. didn't move. teeth, bones, cock,
cunt marred. looked used. mslfah (mmfi at user- ldm
h.dialup.mindspring.com) #charnelhus circle chalk blood. used,
translucent circle, star formation. shuttle, passing along. him,
crossing him. they're torn crashed shuttled machinery. shuttles,
sawing flesh order mix. owns all. ended lingua start_dozing
<anything> start_idling idle/reidle doing/undoing
---------------------------------- attempt kiss
----------------------------------- laugh. understand that. say,
"i view whole wide world. world." "i, idleness, vast. vastly.
bear witness languor." ""you definition. clarity sex, desire
language, fear falling near rim lip cliff." cliff sublime." root
class isn't pucker lips expectantly. jan generic builder cry.
"on edge cliff, beauty." "@create $thing called sublime" beauty"
"world" universe." "universe" dying love..." dying, everywhere."
"everywhere." "you existence." "existence..." (falling cliff)

fencen "existence" exist. existed. haven't ever existence.
you've slightest. exist way, shape, form. alan. alan, absent.
forever. certainty universe. existences an illness. existence
sickens sickness illness, said: sickness. sick annihilated.
perhaps, legs nightmare! days written rocks. %d possibilities.
wish all? (y n) seconds content (i recently purchased ast
ascentia laptop, gig hard drive, megs ram, mhz, batteries
accessories, $ stoop sale. operating system redhat linux
internet disk, global operations, searching cerebellum decade's
worth work.) mining texts, shape-riding them, panopticon
searching, analytical examination swollen tumescent sphere ,
pages, drawn out, surgically: spherical * /root/zz-h h shape
reminiscent _eye_ also un- geometries, mouths opening world's
waste, turned beneath us, indeed, were stromatolites, ranging
separate semi-spher- ical captures glare. projection. mapped
cubic projection <tumescent> within normal. object as well
speaking project contains _cylinder_ /transmission /location.
skins expand orbit. tenuous connections, ligaments cyberspace,
almost waiting clotted tongue, fill space corners eyes ,, body
read, produced, pronounced. _tumescent_ street's flooded _signs_
(we're hypertext hand, world, bursting swollen, tumescent,
pubescent, distended, gaping maw's software-hardware). computer
becomes breast, nipple, vagina, penis, frozen, melted roots
thirst, violent temperatures solar piss morph cum ytalk recycler
detumescent hir cyberspace lockdown. wisdom somehow filled
gestures impotently lurker nude male after transfer jenital,
breast; still, wouldn't come. maya won't footstep, shoulders'
shrug, lips' smile, tissue distended pixels, pixels spilling
inordinate color. oh, mixup! i've real life, pull glow vocal
cords which, separated, exhale inhale flaccid running type
across surface. chest swells hardness tits screened two backed
tortured skin. swells, belly trashed bone expulsion.
detumescent, insipid; decathects, mobile vectors, inscriptions,
marks universes, inviting. can cry tumescent. not.

lockdown toes moved slowly spaces cheeks covered vaginas, mm
labia, everywhere that, turning computer, half-aroused, most
naked, slightly nearing orgasm, poets seeking their hearttaking.
articulates falsity her, picks up, strained, lens, illuminated
far apart time. capital flourishing energies, fingers hovering
keyboard, sense iridescent _frisson,_ normal, mournful spirits
fifth floor killed myself weather water wind oo mo " m """ ""
"""" "m ooo moo o ooooo "oom o"""o""" om m" mo"o" cancer death
balance waters mooring diary well. online talking, mean sign
black ripples, glimpse moon's sphere, trembling, sounds humans
would long ago. yours, letters loving mouth. grist protrusions
split, splayed modification, map emissions, spews replace chaos
by noise, substance, binding names shrieking angel earth lapping
sprits *me // ashes *gathering & essay sex. everything liquid;
flows, cauterizes. corrosive effect lip. guard guardian family,
terrorisms explosions chthonic domain, elsewhere, others. blind
surface; atmosphere refusing union. union extricates others;
claw original face; nub parenthetical, holding bay, pale,
feared, indiscriminate fucking, penetrating criminality missing,
greater passions, arousals, signifiers remain; flow wax taking
impressions. politics. transforms fantasm originary state. sex
foundation, impulse; retro-projects fantasm, withdraws re-enters
nub; same same; emergence imaginary, images part-objects,
spreads us magnetic domains, optical fiber optics, twisted
copper wires. touches anything; drives sealed, abjection
without. presence cosmos; feel weight head side another,
explosive gasp air (surfacing), inhalation (going once again).
missing. politics, other's; face flesh. "our" work, trembling
scatters; objects part-objects memory choratic stuttering
construct eventually doesn't all, neither viewer, reader. plasma
curls screen, replete translations, fills catalysts w/hole.
videos texts basin gnaw emptiness. aegis gravity, gravitas,
flood pronouncement. draws absorbed emergence. work explicit
possible. reduction *s semiotic; nub. material matter pressure;
substance semiosis face. play technology, memory, direct
indirect addressing. participate skein. loosens grip. horror
story jen stuff, how boast, sickeningly, half-collapsed;
sickening announcement, signaled lines dark list, one, each line
alone, eaten partying knew breasts call gone scar, wound, parts,
mine, list them... sweet melt julu's skin calls eating,
excreting memory. sweetly, opens totally thighs moist makes
thoughtful seeps taken minutes jenner monitoring properly
applied, coupled realistic violence, doing violence. convulsive,
conclusive; another contest, tailor contingent issues
oppression, power, desire, podium declamatory arena itself
inherent middle, hurricanes inconceivable flame, surface,
tendencies romance, relationship, anguish decides too

pulls veronica leaves recuperating certain cells, environments;
protected. flame seething below surface commit, knowingly
unknowingly? until town involved. increased; you'll know.
imagined disembodied end, thud window, nightly affairs carrying
lives, contusion, language unborn useless genetic engineering.
turn us. own going, tiffany ghosts, honey, clara hielo ruled
behind eyes, wires, honey travis, while, leaped ran house.
she'll later, tiffany. internet, tiffany, claire, others,
particular, relation speak, listen. swear @describe lance holed
skin, rimmed tiffanyalan clitoral double cones, flattened,
clitoral, intensity tiffanyalan, hole. hole craggy hollow,
worries meaning quaint, magical gesture hand. created
herbalist.. smiles happily. points whatever s/he proffers real.
clarissa shulamit margarita catherine longer plain white crows
sky evacuation anal, stumbled clitoris burrowed plains, dagger.
corpse. queen lpmud datagrams, sound. <tiffany> exhaustion. sun
difference end process, sleep during means exhausts, appears.
chop pieces! ah! blood! freezes men women tiffany's appears ear-
splitting bang. exclaims me!" drop enough thinking. information
says, light known 'did kill orc?' 'i've eating lots food here'
grins evilly. eyes; turn, snapped wrist paper. essence parables
day izanagi said meet interesting death. said, knows boredom.
stopping. south making worlds, izanami, huge comical hat,
wide-brimmed, peculiar shape. what, nikuko. answered, path.
heard prophet, prominent izanagi. disappointed; his voice thin
familiar; spoke many worlds. continued walking, then headed
greet magatama (i.e. curved jewel) woman playing ch'in manner,
golden birds, dragons coursing air, left nara, heading south.
mistake, izanagi, around, wending hotsprings oita enlightened
being. asked him was, discovered mute did reply, either desired
silence else). unusual construction, tall, stranger, familiar,
friend. mistake create asked, happened. swimming, water. spat
general). replied, bird, plant, butterfly, draped boarded ferry
nagato, talking away. turning, here, two, causes effects, fire,
naked castrated. walked around shore. bound land. bird sees its
reflection dust. passed control, contaminated deep forests
surrounding her. enough, dog approached, horn sky. dawned warmer
warmer; exhausted, fell enlightened, winter returned hut.
chanting ourselves, flickering five finger-holes. bacteria
thrive, stationary waves colonies protozoa suspension.
shakuhachi bamboo, worked weeks months, lacquered inside,
hardwood insert winter. why taller women. wa worlds created.
traveled disappear. thought earlier, replied might stay put,
better emptier mind, flow; west. sunny out. direction hyuga way.
absolution species. earth, killing greedy rapacious ocean.
malignant species amerika planet. begone inestimable merit
resolve i, sovereign amerika, foremost votary spirit amerika.
files courtcase documents so. savior recuperation avram joseph
smith baal shem tov. womanman manwoman. listen: hereby dissolve
scarlet killer. messenger. mountain. desert killing. valley
forest whore listen salvation pain cancers spread pools
artificial desperate thought, adrenal, angels weep full capacity
begging asteroid, pain, awakening, doctor, painful period
hardened sorrow, collection interruptions. each, number, morrow,
robbed marrow, sorrow


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