[NetBehaviour] Future Speed Future 8

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Aug 27 08:41:16 CEST 2018

Future Speed Future 8

Chinese Pipa, around 1980
1949 Di Giorgio Guitar

from an online discussion with Sandy Baldwin -

"i keep thinking of a future that has always already occurred,
that is pulling the past into itself, that traps us within the
pull, the pool so to speak/play. and how it might be possible to
get lost in a sound that at least for me changes so rapidly that
i have to follow several strands at once, then finding myself
stuttered or ruptured within the musical throw of it. it's not
to set a speed record or play flight of the bumblebee but to
venture into sonic territories at high speed, to remember them
while flying by, to be in other words dismissed by them while
other modalities, configurations open themselves up. it churns
and for a moment in real time, earth time, a plateau opens up of
nothing but sonic objects that are ultimately transparent,
benign, that ultimately are a refuge no matter how evanescent
they seem to be."

I waking uing Froing ing naing aning I looing around. Aning I
seing aheaing oing ming aning behining ming aning ting thing
lefing aning thing righing oing me. I ding noing seing beneating
ming feet. Beneating ming feeing iing ing planet. I ding noing
seing thing planeing . Iing I driling dowing froing ming feeing
Dowing aning dowing aning dowing iing becomeing unbearable. I
aing losing oing aing alieing world. I having ning ideing
whering I am. Ming feeing grining ming inting ing planeing
thaing iing unknown. thaing iing largeing thaing me. Thaing iing
enormous. Thaing haing ning relatioing ting ming body. Thaing
haing ning relatioing ting thiing sound. thaing haing ning
relatioing ting aning sound. Ming feeing grining ming oing
grouning me. thering aring waveing oing rocing arouning me. iing
aring thering aring thinging oing thing surface. Thing thinging
oing thing surfacing Aring meaningless. ning thaing iing noing
true. I ding noing knoing thing thinging oing thing surface. I
cannoing fathoing them. Soming oing theing move. Soming oing
theing seeing ting bing hoing Oing hotteing thaing I am. I ding
noing understaning temperature. I ding noing understaning whaing
iing thiing heat. I ding noing understaning whaing iing coling
aning whing thering iing cold. Whing iing thering cold. Soming
seeing ting bing grouning dowing alsing ting whering I aing
grouning perioing oing nearby. I ding noing knoing them. I ding
noing knoing whing I aing sayining thiing perioing I aing
standining here. I aing standining here. I aing standining here.
Thering iing nothining buing ming standing Tethereing ting ing
planet. Tethereing ting ing brokeing horizoing liking ming
brokeing teeth. Iing I faling I wiling faling oing thesing
teeth. Iing I faling I wiling faling oing thesing teeting .

naked nakeding I striping strip myselfing downing down hearing*

I wake up From a nap and I look around. And I see ahead of me
and behind me and to the left and the right of me. I do not see
beneath my feet. Beneath my feet is a planet. I do not see the
planet . If I drill down from my feet Down and down and down it
becomes unbearable. I am lost on an alien world. I have no idea
where I am. My feet grind me into a planet that is unknown. that
is larger than me. That is enormous. That has no relation to my
body. That has no relation to this sound. that has no relation
to any sound. My feet grind me on ground me. there are waves of
rock around me. is are there are things on the surface. The
things on the surface Are meaningless. no that is not true. I do
not know the things on the surface. I cannot fathom them. Some
of them move. Some of them seem to be hot Or hotter than I am. I
do not understand temperature. I do not understand what is this
heat. I do not understand what is cold and why there is cold.
Why is there cold. Some seem to be ground down also to where I
am ground period or nearby. I do not know them. I do not know
why I am saying this period I am standing here. I am standing
here. I am standing here. There is nothing but my stands
Tethered to a planet. Tethered to a broken horizon like my
broken teeth. If I fall I will fall on these teeth. If I fall I
will fall on these teeth .

*hearing speed i will fall on these things. i fall fall on these
teeth. when i hear i will fall. i am cold now. i am really cold.
my feet are on the ground. i am really really cold.

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