[NetBehaviour] Future Speed Future 9 & last

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Aug 28 06:28:00 CEST 2018

Future Speed Future 9 & last


*// finishing up the series for the Future Speed Future FSF CD
with Larsen parlor guitar and banjo; the rebab was also redone.

had difficulty with numerous instruments at speed, finding lost
intonation. the Larsen sounds amazing closeup, less so at a
distance; the opposite of the Di Giorgio, which I took out as a
result. total time is 74 minutes. the .wav files are far
superior to the mp3s; this is a sampling, that's all. my wrists,
hands, and fingers hurt; I found myself stretching across any
number of frets to create 'wide' chords that often used open
strings as well. I didn't include any woodwinds; I generally
don't play them quickly, except for the garkleinflote. I also
have no keyboards at the moment. I focused on plucked and bowed
strings. //*

& the pile ending in negation ending left the audience panting,
too. "Appearance," the ending of a word, "per," & to the "upper
right of this" "No more & no less," ending the series,
nonetheless a turn towards that no pleasure & yet no ending to
the pleasure. I cannot hear. & there is no ending to their
difficulty; beginning & ending & doing are just things that
happen. ah! clouds ah! a second, galloping, ah! ending ah! &
allow me, us, to go on, & i sense an ending just around the
corner of your ending.

& coals, end ending the mining of metals & coals
& ending in the real world, travel,
& every one of us, said I, an ending for you, perhaps,
& perhaps for me as well.

< happen. ah! clouds ah! a second, galloping, ah! ending ah! &
> happen. ah! clouds ah! a second, galloping, ah! ending ah! &

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