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((( zazou5 )))


Oh Yorkshire Oh beauteous yorkshires Given that the townspeople
are murmuring some of them with child some without All in
obeisant to the napali so wrong key players wandering through
the towns on the way down to the Himalayas into the farther
reaches of the southern Indian Peninsula across the bering
Strait up into Massachusetts and then down through the Canadian
wilderness with their back again once more in New York City All
of the Nepali siraji players are with child And this is kasion
of the 3 magic string That they are carrying on the front of the
instrument That their fingertips caress ever so lightly and aglo
emerges from deep within the hollow which disk in covers on the
outside and tunes or heard and choirs form as all the way there
arrive As all await their arrival Given that there are 4 strings
on the napali sirang guy 3 of them have the same with that the
same stripes going diagonally around and up and down and they
are made out of I think some kind of String material or yarn
material And they are basically slightly resistant to the ball
while the other string the high string which is up I think about
a fourth the high string then is made out of metal And that
operates differently on the instruments and a lease for me
creates the possibility of slight runs up the neck in order to
produce a kind of Appalachian tune affect Which may or may not
hold when you consider the rest of the drone materials That are
operating within and without the other 3 strings in order to
create a song affect or perhaps the effect of and choir alright
if not a choir then a congregation as if The congregation were
in morning Or murmuring to themselves or murmuring to others
It's not really clear which direction this would be Going in the
lower string then is one that is also the same thickness as the
2 middle strings and so at least on this particular instrument
it is very loose in almost impossible to get a decent tone out
of which leads me to believe perhaps it is the wrong string that
is on my mind you there are no nuts on this instruments at all
the strings just come right off the Fingerboard directly and so
the slider guisando effect Is incredible Is incredibly
problematic When it comes to Having all of this coagulative what
might be considered a tune that would be worthy of listening to
in the same manner as one might speak of an 18 century were they
someone in the 18th century perhaps a male or female who would
be respectable enough to have been appointed by his peers to the
peerage or 2 perhaps being the young reverendo as just come into
the town where by the napali soraki player might come out and
appear with the sirang be around his or her belt or as kneeling
or sitting on the ground this the wrong guy in front of them on
the ground balanced on one knee So that the bow So that the boat
then becomes a way of articulating the gratitude of the
townspeople for the music that is being played in the 18th
century yorkshires within napali sorrondeguy thanks to him Mr.
Devin coat has made his appearance and caught on among the local
townspeople Well that's the wrong guy player then operating
within and without The local coterie Brings joy to the people
Dancing in prom anad menuet Waiting and raising their snaps to
the sky in glasses of crystal And mermaids Wow this is going on
then The music resonates from the rafters And the local
townspeople Ingratitud For this music this miraculous music from
the mountains of Nepal Raise the statue of mamun and boall to
the highest level Of the jesters court Well all prayed In
menuets Sobria tease Construit anxieties And other forms of
waltzs Said everyone in the town delights in. Old Town oh
happiness Word joy rain Supreme Where people dancing in the
streets to the tune of than a poulis sarawagi waiting for the
moment when Buddhism will escape Communist China Run rampant
down the Himalayas Through naipaul out through Indian dienda
syndicale aegys Into Libya where will suddenly take it turned to
the lower and I'll Across the Red Sea into the dead sea and
further South into the Mediterranean Where neolithic farmers
away with access and adzes with kith and kin with cattle and
butchery Reigning Supreme among the townspeople of this small
place in Yorkshire called herefordshire were so many local
people reside listening to in a police sarawagi player and a
beautiful tunes that emerge once and for all here in the 16
century awaiting the coming of the Dominion of Canada and
afforestation of Brazil once again after so many devastating
floods. Now there are murmures indeed that Maria is with child
of waiting in the end for George young George Sampson to return
and make her truly legal in the eyes of the Lord the church The
townspeople in the siraji players. Ah listen to these tunes and
swoon now listen to this tune and come home. Strings are To
being human I sound this to their children And fingernails
against them Are 2 DAG As children are To the instrument As in a
police are on the players They holding their arms. Perhaps the
moral is or the proverb is or the prestiges Beware the Sound of
Music in Yorkshire Because only then will the journey roughshod
across the entire planet come home to roost Were some birds well
and the others live in caves. Now that the proverbs have come
and gone that dictionaries are no longer in fashion Set a good
reverends have left the town and the town itself has become
cosmopolitan More cosmopolitan than one could ever ever dreamed
of Then all we have left are the few remnants of strings played
with my little children To whom ever given birth dinner polisso
rongie and its wooden framework and it's miraculous music It can
be heard across the Hills and dales of the American Midwest
Almost in the sense of a memory or a kindness Broad henceforth
fire ever and leaning over and blessings a little children
walking through those Yorkshire roads in the Yorkshire village
so long ago.



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