[NetBehaviour] ((( zazou9&10 ))) and a small number of personal requests

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 3 04:10:22 CET 2018

((( zazou9&10 ))) and a small number of personal requests


a small number of personal requests

if anyone wants to produce and disseminate our music, please
backchannel me. there is probably nothing in it for you.

looking for copy-editing work that pays something so we won't
descend the thames stairs into the polluted river of shamed
stares and isolation.

i need new best friends after my two more or less disowned me.
inquire within.

please help me bring an end to the destructive presidency
ruining what's left of this country. you needn't get in touch
with me, but i'd be glad to hear your ideas. please don't send
me more complaints about the current situation; we all know how
bad it is.

i'd welcome opportunities to show my work in a gallery or
museum, or any other situation and i'd welcome the chance to do
a presentation of the same.

looking for a burmese kyeezee for trade; please let me know if
you have one, i.e. there is no reason for you to let me know if
you don't have one.

if you know in detail what might be wrong with my shakuhachi
embouchure, please back-channel; i'm too embarrassed to discuss
it in front of my massive audience of two.

short of amputation, what is your best idea for a workable diet
that's healthy and effective.

if you know of any potential residencies or opportunities in a
college or university, please let me know, especially if you
have contacts or influence at the place. i'm tired of hidden
ageism which always passes for something else.

short of suicide, if you know any way to reasonably confront
ageism, please let me and everyone else know. no self-help
books - they don't.

if you are running a residency program and think i have a
reasonable chance at it, please let me know, and/or if you
wish to purchase any work i have created, please write me

sometimes if you click 'like' on a piece i've put up, it would
be great to have additional feedback, since so many clicks are
clearly supportive but indicate the work in question wasn't
viewed or listened to (i.e. clicks immediately after the piece
is put up - no time to see/hear it).

i'll take any clicks i can get, please click away.

if you have a succinct method to either bring global warming to
an end or convince my father-in-law it actually exists, please
back-channel as soon as possible before we all starve to death.

please consider using the word 'lest' in conversation or text,
lest it disappears entirely; the replacement 'in case' is poor
at best, especially when there is a poverty of cases.

if anyone wants to publish a book of my critical, theoretical,
and other writing, please backchannel. i promise i won't ask
what's wrong with you and will consider everything; i'm serious.

we have some early radio equipment and signal books that i'd
love to give to a collection, collector, or institution where
they might eventually do some good. please backchannel.

neither of us in providence have any real community or musicians
to work with; if you're in the area, please backchannel. i
should point out we have been unsuccessful at finding either
collaborators or places to play out here; we have really nothing
to offer in that regard.

if you like the work i do, please share; it's really my only

if there is work of your own that you think i should see, please
message or backchannel me. it is hard for me to read and report
on book-length texts for at least a while, apologies.

if you have an old french horn for trade for another instrument,
please get in touch, although i might not be able to play it
reasonably or at all. and if you have a need for a flute or
clarinet, please get in touch, especially if you have a french

thank you for your consideration.

best to you, alan

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