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Tue Dec 4 13:45:15 CET 2018

Numbered Past Origin: 18 inadvertently curated volumes of my photos, paintings, prints, 
drawings, sculpture, serial art installations; along with intriguing american metal signage 
documentation; visual language development; empty carnivals, breezy beach pavilions, private 
evidentuary investigations; with no visible signs of support; splinters: video clouds: 
textures, shadows, rust, reflections, fluids, finessed focus, 35mm glass-mounted 
transparencies, angled light, color temps, peripheries, plumbing, perspectives, windows 
displayed: time marked: long-forgotten works rendered non-extant; limited social 
interaction, abusive pretend-careers; questionable institutional education; collegial 
dismay; "white cars at night" with flash; web-offset on newsprinted isbn-books/pages; 
MetaConstruct actual/painted elements (which were later partly reconstructed); strong 
spatial differentiation/construction/outlier preferences; very early 
burning-man event vistas [esp. numbered2107.pdf], initial years of the 'red drawings,' 
(perpetual series/exchange); early home studios and web-site source originals; there's 
always more to recover... from brad brace: published in 2019

colour shifts from various medium treatments and multiple transfers amassed and 

new york (manhattan 60s 70s), washington (long beach peninsula 70s), california (90s bay 
area), oregon (80s 90s portland), massachusetts (90s boston), texas, new orleans and South 
(90s); ontario (60s 70s 80s toronto), nova scotia (70s 80s halifax); & a bunch o' mostly 
similar places primarily in canada and the states.

dropped here and pushed there: 1969-1999

>>> Earlier/Other Approaches to Similar Source Material: <<<

 	Iconography 90`s: typography & public-sculpture
see Public Icon: http://www.bbrace.net/PI/public.html
see Public Icon: http://www.bradbrace.net/PI/public.html

 	Chromogenic Prints: c41: http://www.bbrace.net/c41/c41.html
c41: http://www.bradbrace.net/c41/c41.html

 	Pavilion: (very early web-page): http://www.bbrace.net/pavilion.html
http://www.bradbrace.net/pavilion.html [larger originals contained in numbered1101.pdf]


Numbered Past Origin: http://bbrace.net/numbered/numbered.html
Numbered Past Origin: http://bradbrace.net/numbered/numbered.html
Numbered Past Origin: http://bradbracebook.store/000pdfs/pdfs numbered/

numbered0181	numbered0200	numbered0201	numbered0204 
numbered0210	numbered0362	numbered0834	numbered1038 
numbered1041	numbered1042	numbered1043	numbered1055 
numbered1101	numbered1103	numbered1106	numbered1267
 		numbered3143			numbered3144

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