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Thanks, Alan! The flood myths are interesting, aren't they? I knew about 
the Greek myth of Deucalion and the flood-story Uta-Napishti tells in 
the Epic of Gilgamesh; but I didn't realize, until I looked it up on 
Wikipedia, quite how many other cultures have flood-myths too.

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying these.

Best wishes,


On 03/12/18 03:33, Alan Sondheim via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Love this one. As you may know, the recent crater discovered in 
> Greenland has a resonant date -
> " The scientists also don’t currently have enough information to 
> assign an age to the proposed impact crater, but based on their 
> analysis, they have suggested bookends for the date of the event. 
> Given the structure of the rock and ice that can be “read” with radar, 
> the team believes that the glacier was in place at the time of the 
> strike, and that the impact punched a hole in the ice and resulted in 
> a significant amount of melting and refreezing. That would suggest 
> that the impact happened sometime before the end of the Pleistocene 
> epoch around 11,700 years ago."
> - from Science magazine. And this might tally well? There are flood 
> myths here and there around the world - a catastrophe  that might have 
> a relationship of some sort. Certainly the event would have been 
> re/marked in some regions of the planet.
> - Alan (not trying to pull too much craziness here)
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>     Dear all,
>     'The Doubter's Mysteries' are an attempt to write a short cycle of
>     Mystery Plays - ie. plays based on Bible stories, like the Medieval
>     Mystery Plays of York, Chester and Wakefield - from the point of
>     view of
>     a sceptical modern audience; an audience which either doesn't
>     believe in
>     God, or can't work out what he's playing at.
>     There are fourteen of these plays, and the fourth is now online:
>     'Noah's
>     Ark'.
>     http://edwardpicot.com/mysteries/04noahsark.html (or for the full
>     series
>     so far, visit http://edwardpicot.com/mysteries)
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