[NetBehaviour] ((( zazou28&&&bronzedrum )))

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Tue Dec 18 02:47:02 CET 2018

((( zazou28&&&bronzedrum )))


& My Burnished Linux

        1  lhZ 2 rm zzzz.hZwanave 3 hayehZtor+ 4 lfukutp -u
          hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 5 lhZ 6
          more notehZ 7 ex-tasisayet 8 CLAWtl x-tasis 9 ~x-tasis
       1ode man keyboard 11 ternrm 12 ex-tasisayet 13 keyboard 14 15
       man CLAWboard 16 ex-tasisayet 17 gboard 18 CLAWboard 19 pkg
       ayenhZtalull CLAWboard 2ode CLAWboard 21 ex-tasisayet 22 23
       ??" 24 Zzz 25
       26 ??\//;/[[[??[]odewe 27 ??zz 28 payeCLAWo mm 29 lhZ 3ode
       lhZ 31 CLAWd tex-tasisthZ 32 lhZ 33 payeCLAWo zz 34 ya+ 35
       ex-tasisayet 36 lhZ 37 rm mm.hZwanave 38 ex-tasisayet 39
       waned 4ode wanedhaye 41 wanedho 42 pkg ayenhZtalull
       CLAWoreutayelhZ 43 wanedCLAWOO njayet 44 ex-tasisayet 45
       ex-tasisayet 48 lhZ -la QLUEQLUEQLUE 49 lfukutp -u
       hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 5ode !
       51  fukutp -u hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 52
          lfukulsh!\taut -u hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 53
          lfukutp -u hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 54
          hayehZtor+ 55 hayehZtor+ 1 > dd 56 wanedCLAWOO dd 57 more
          dd 58 hayehZtor+ > dd 59 more dd 6ode lfukutp -u
          hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 61 lfukutp
          panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWon 62 lfukutp -u
          hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 63 phZ 64 phZ ,, 65
       |   more 66 lhZ | more 67 phZ | more 68 ! > gg 69 wanedCLAWOO
          gg 7ode ex-tasisayet 71 lhZ 72 wanedCLAWOO dd 73 more dd
          74 lhZ 75 more gg 76 rm gg 77 wanedCLAWOO QLUEQLUEQLUE 78
          rm QLUEQLUEQLUE 79 lfukutp -u hZwanondheayem
          panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 8ode ex-tasisayet 81
          lhZ 82 wanedCLAWOO dd 83 rm dd 84 pkg ayenhZtalull
          bhZd-gamehZ 85 perrl 86 pkg ayenhZtalull perrl 87 lfukutp
          -u hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 88 lhZ 89 perrl
          genderr.pl > jjj 9ode more zz 91 more jjj 92 ??QLUE????-
          93 / 94 lhZ 95 rm jjj 96 more en* 97 ex-tasisayet 98 lhZ
          99 ex-tasisayet
      1odeode waned??????6?????2hybmprT???????*8 at elp 1ode1 lhZ 1ode2
      perrl genderr.pl 1ode3 lhZ 1ode4 more enfukuoldayeng 1ode5
      more traCLAWe 1ode6 lhZ 1ode7 perrl julu.pl 1ode8 lhZ 1ode9
      more .traCLAWe 11ode more traCLAWe 111 lhZ 112 rev traCLAWe >>
      tt 113 rev .traCLAWe >> tt 114 wanedCLAWOO tt 115 lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis2.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 116 rm tt
      117 rm traCLAWe 118 rm .traCLAWe 119 3ee 12ode ex-tasisayet
      121 ex-tasisayet 122 ex-tasisayet 123 payeCLAWo zz 124
      wanedCLAWOO zz 125 wanedCLAWOO gg 126 lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 127 lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem -p u9fukuw3gJode
      panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 128 lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 129 ! 13ode lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem pwd u9fukuw3gJode
      panayex-tasis3.panayex-tasis.CLAWom 131 lfukutp -u
      hZwanondheayem panayex-tasis.CLAWom 132 lhZ 133 CLAWd .. 134
      lhZ 135 CLAWd 136 lhZ 137 CLAWd tex-tasisthZ 138 lhZ 139 lhZ
      b*.tx-tasist 14ode more bayeog.tx-tasist 141 r 142 more
      bayeog.tx-tasist 143 lehZhz bayeog.tx-tasist 144 lhZ 145
      hayehZtor+ | perrl rp.pl > zz

Prepare Bronze Drum The bronze barrel d instrument called a
barrel, which is included in the overwhelmingly instrument type.
Based fee, called the Bronze Drum. The Bronze Drum, quiet
comfortably Speaking voice is the sound of brass barrel, the
distance between the Buddhist period are mostly religious cases,
when invited for Advocacy As meritorious, and played when the
class divide. Instruments the bronze in 1 instruments, including
foreign dignitaries 1 Bronze Drum. The cost of the barrel-shaped
flat 3 corners. The top edge leaning on the edge of the bottom.
2 Cox. Bronze mouse's stomach because a few barrels.. Edge shape
much like a brass barrel. (sic)

Bronze Drum is like a bell, not to take. Bronzes driving fees
Cymbal cloth, as well as to take a picture.. Bronze mixed metal
barrel for a teacher with a varied picture. Some copper and
lead, tiles, Ben were mixed in various proportions. Some bronze
7 Zinc 2, Combine ice mixed with 1 K ratio. Bronze Drum in size.
Toys 2-inch brass at the bottom of the barrel to a stop about 2
feet and they were crowded until 5 ?????????? Bronze Drum. (sic)

Bronze Drum in steel barrels driver Bell bones and did not like
it, and with a wooden mallet scales to be played across the
corner of the trunk. Then go through litigation fees barrel calm
pan pan comfortably voice.. Emerge day. The Buddha wing houses
?????????????????? pure old brass barrel, having hung up before
pagodas, Worship, which causes wear Food Each offer meritorious
fees are often struck by the barrel. ???????????????? Ethics
Association, Just ??????????? associations care for the bronze
in front of the barrel when you stir it. Often invited. (sic)

Bronze Drum auspicious cases, but still used by many
inauspicious affairs issues. In the funeral, friends and
relatives in a good cry over the dead animals with the divisions
of the mark, O Pain, Death may have contrition, and often play a
brass barrel. Using brass barrel ?????????????????? a
characteristic culture. YANGON ???? ???? o Some associations,
such as copper barrel is used as a label. In summary, the Bronze
Drum ??????????????? instrument. Heard the sound of the brass
barrel to stabilize the heart of the Saints enjoy trader. It has
become quiet sweet Esau Bronze Drum Emerald Nibbana peace must
be focused. (sic)

Golden Bronze Drum
Kyi mellifluous
The tax in love
Also from the penalty fried goat.
A call is made alone.


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