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Simone Hutchinson simone.hutchinson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 12:46:34 CET 2018

Hi all,

Earlier this year I founded a small independent press called Hedera Felix.
We have one publication at the moment, a bi-annual print magazine for weird
and experimental fiction and art (Mycelia). The magazine has a digital
sister publication called SisM, which is being prepared now. We had a
wonderful VR literature work submitted to us for it, but I've run into
problems working out how to make it viewable for my readers.

The VR literature piece is already viewable online at the artist's website,
accessible as YouTube videos. So, you can explore the 3D videos as 3D
models if you don't have a VR headset, although the experience is not very
exciting. This is obviously not the best way to enjoy the work, but it
seems to be the *only* way if don't have a headset.

I bought Google Cardboard to test out viewing the works on my phone. But it
doesn't work. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Chrome Canary: when I use
Cardboard, the pointer doesn't activate the hotspots on the 3D video.

I am wondering how many of you use VR literature and if you do, can you
offer me any insights as to how I am to expect my audience to experience
the work if they do not have expensive VR headsets such as Oculus/Daydream

If Cardboard doesn't cut it, how can VR literature be disseminated?

When I was discussing this project months ago, people were excited. They
commented on how bizarre it is that in all these years of interactive
digital technologies, digital literature remains primitive if not downright
awkward and uninspiring. Surely there is something I've overlooked that can
make the VR literature work on mobiles?

Sorry for the general frustration expressed.

In anticipation...

*Simone Hutchinson*

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