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Dear Simone,

Interesting post! Hopefully somebody on here will be able to help you; 
but if not, you could try Chris Joseph (https://chrisjoseph.org/) or 
Andy Campbell (https://dreamingmethods.com/). They're both really good 
with the technical stuff, and pretty helpful. There are contact forms on 
their websites.

Best wishes,


On 18/12/2018 11:46, Simone Hutchinson via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Hi all,
> Earlier this year I founded a small independent press called Hedera 
> Felix. We have one publication at the moment, a bi-annual print 
> magazine for weird and experimental fiction and art (Mycelia). The 
> magazine has a digital sister publication called SisM, which is being 
> prepared now. We had a wonderful VR literature work submitted to us 
> for it, but I've run into problems working out how to make it viewable 
> for my readers.
> The VR literature piece is already viewable online at the artist's 
> website, accessible as YouTube videos. So, you can explore the 3D 
> videos as 3D models if you don't have a VR headset, although the 
> experience is not very exciting. This is obviously not the best way to 
> enjoy the work, but it seems to be the *only* way if don't have a headset.
> I bought Google Cardboard to test out viewing the works on my phone. 
> But it doesn't work. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Chrome Canary: when I 
> use Cardboard, the pointer doesn't activate the hotspots on the 3D video.
> I am wondering how many of you use VR literature and if you do, can 
> you offer me any insights as to how I am to expect my audience to 
> experience the work if they do not have expensive VR headsets such as 
> Oculus/Daydream etc?
> If Cardboard doesn't cut it, how can VR literature be disseminated?
> When I was discussing this project months ago, people were excited. 
> They commented on how bizarre it is that in all these years of 
> interactive digital technologies, digital literature remains primitive 
> if not downright awkward and uninspiring. Surely there is something 
> I've overlooked that can make the VR literature work on mobiles?
> Sorry for the general frustration expressed.
> In anticipation...
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