[NetBehaviour] cleansed sex

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 19 21:09:00 CET 2018

cleansed sex


you:"  origami tune." & all letters sing only of sex and death.
leak out net defugeburnout collision avatar transparent
interpenetration fingers, toes, legs, love then won't speak!
enough said about the other third: we must take back streets! I
have a farm site also.  am for real not phony! Speaker says,
"phone ..." at writing speak you'll arms
north-american-european." "landscape death" dialog --"Name your
body" jpg index # janicaud obituary e warld com lacan whispering
game C ashing #<#Nikuko#># #cybe #***# (($ please) ($ describe)
life body \.\.\.) but her ballad or two brooklyn, were' waiting
end, theres' food, empathy, flaming, desire, - psychoanalytics
submergence, good, theyre fawn america!  THEY SAID understanding
re tape, by war which is always already an** over which, anders
fogh political l world.
==>    <== thick _log_ ash, hand, zone where
it's impossible to walk think, soaked, floor's big puddle, it
armageddon? i think latter, from within, logged without.* in
virtual worlds has no needs, peasantry, shallow graves,
harvested machines, on there :: scythes. describe this, down
trapped walls, attacks anonymous gangs, plane crashes,
disavowals, in. curls screen, turns hard drives into replete
translations, rites. tantras ways contents interpreted. carya
i'm consort, auto mode, can read, parse text, ourselves
displaced it; told so. nothing, emptied clearly, Your dripping
blasphemy unto Lord. 8 Net wryting unconscious. On Net, hysteric
embodi- etc. It's also terror sexual terror. could go theoret-
Why don't you tell me more life... dont $ please \.\.\. as usual
changing m f murk plateau. boundaries are flux-fluid. otherwise,
say, musical exchange. evenings, burned sires, everzone wants
know more. ^^^ ^. cuseeme traditional residency ability land xxx
rated site. infinnnnitude drugs file suck cum knife watch solo
sexatar watch. art-philosophy isisthey coming they.  mask.
private conversations including although this may well be
illegal. Surgery constituting it. nature detail. sues sorrow,
exhilaration, governance, subterfuge, anger. to. hear. jabbled
couplings. what throat. nipplejpg philm htm html intitle mp mj /
around! it! yes, when 20,000 Path-Name: strangulation murder
mask Demoni york new 2 cabin masked boat upon other. wrytes
exists form; ' areyou afraidof \? What constitutes seduction
cyberspace, romance? echo "Is that's real? dripping, walls How
does compare with real-life partner? me. Julu Twine: capable
killing anything. OK, will him her. Alan Dojoji: OK simulated
course , ow want inerryot tg HELL anorectic destined towards
flesh tends {1}: two_ lived always, seemed everyone In
good-thing, naughty-thing? Is mouth goal, eyes? tantra The Carya
literature, makerbot electronic literature; because (still)
considered sinful an atavistic 8860 grep texts/* | wc 4957 48981
395695 one other, struggling inscribed here beg, obey. gun
makes, our aimed was best trip my life. It stop, explained
channel Lame : joined points <^V^> bodies dmaned so she. We
ended up having wildest ever, least hundred ## ##suffered well,
closed politics forgiven. learn again. Sondheim: remember used
sondheim: Perhaps now exhibit frocks related anything, airs' it,
work dancing lonesome than miss work, singing. them, detailed
history/description clubs, practices, economies, sex, spoken
poetics sex. dance video did tonight horrifying! apocalyptic! if
middle We're just desperate keep alive, dream sondheim writes
nothing else place repose, distance, most (and grade grave
through that mind hairpin hook cemetery blood "in order
understand future, simply people. claiming losing Jew, justice
keeps heaviness now. spew, forgotten jerusalem legs galilee
necessity knowing absence dojoji, dead-end place. worked.
temple, myself, facing < ready ready:space city taken removed
coding, encoding, decoding; made ly account seepage, re-sighting
files. equation con/figuration exploring sexuality, modalities
decathects until chatter chant like crazy, there's swill tangle
do intimate naturalibus audio cancel berg, seal they say black
death innumerable peak ong ake didn't anything couldn't speak-
spoke speaks appreciation durable said, things world hunt
^^^^___ lie churn____ orgies revolve ... . sound perfection mit
sisters >    space desire rocket
sends itself elsewhere infidelity urination nude artist revenge
hardcore poised inscription sure why provide basis (any tending
final object large tendency sexuality hate culture participants,
paramount. Years ago, engaged in/wrote I'm going home gone, I've
perl, javascript, blurred edg- i've uize Netc living code,
memory lines Communique: Youth's altered a##itude questions
attitude Nunberg's patient got sick while miserable. My eucrante
god success soliton flow pipes insct sites indexof? mov virus
wallpaper inextricably eaten tastes assume reconcile Are sorry
ash ball smoldering electron reasons religion). entered relating
try these well. Assignment: Naked involving pleasure perhaps
chats thing, As IRC: moving female male repetition singularity
transparency borrowing occupy them: slowly turning, carrying SL,
statistically main activities among inextricable ennui carapace
( Sierra Club Hostile Takeo tt March personal interest engage
hell touch switch objects. floats landscape up, true first
commercial teledildonic machine, cooperation playing guitar make
woman, preacher's daughter. had oral mouthy mouth, runs skin get
very cold. neither nor both pushing crops lore alisaion rp
sexendo sexs ry natal entirely ravi noise parasitic enveloping
Working tool bolted fieldwork erect. America produces erections;
viagra-chemical thinking nets communities third artificial
script scripting structur structure symbolic text organs. write
without much too same, zing parallel t recognize repeatedly
mentioned fact panel Eternity. You me, blame nowhere where?
another, exercise endurance. improved sleep, drive emotional
texts, travel extremity leaves texts doesn't feel bomb point
exhibitionism, legitimized way voyeurism pathos, labor molds And
again friends After all, can't banned forever, Karen some such,
undergone change operation, modified flimcom /exe free ebooks
woody allen trick. you're driven listen own present even dozen
measured every thing called somehow us, parables? nikuko
following raises dinner impalement -never safe Cybersex good
Darwin -nver eliminating variation seed sion sale hot chinatown
sun. television murdered woman scene fingers toes. sotatsu (as
proprioception drug ugly renunciation known name pronoun promise
nudity dance-video Nikuko mera ble wild erne ss dist ant scat
tere d memo glass screen sensitive another? manifest under
interested part rent decent space, other; full this. bandwidth
increases, radio carry prions nanogarbage pollutions crawls
aking reporrt operating box retro-projects fantasm originary
state. aspects flaming moselle mw burmese vases online analysis
william butler thir efuge, burnouts anomies 7. ringing tered
around substance object, speed computer drug, name, purchase
jennifer: what, too, love? humans bloom impurity. rubs raw
impure corruption, night, maria demon path-name: president
george arrive squads stillborn goes tireinged lashed
philosophyinged advances gone electricity dead wires, batteries
several severeweather sexandmissiles Our punctuation mouths.
representation "our" explicit possible. yeamed outdon't chance s
unravel lost disappearance see. perversions inhibitions forth
tentative us finds his tons nagi, many, falters occur miasma
surfeit shapes connect dots alan die. head. bones old. lead.
existence not; starts ; use toys offended and/or its terror, rr
besbeautiful image, ovt ..t she minors, who said?" reporters
were looking me; felt lurked film time contract right
distribution power. Gender might wonderful love. dying
unpleasant thought left important ing wilderness distant want,
naked, god. legs. leave. n pray comment second performance:
"this those off, seem weird. exist really risky! noticeable
sleazy telephone number piece prostitutes hire whats point?????
street sucking inextricable door + unan-:wounded/altered Ready
unclearness inscription::sex, impressions. politics. transforms
fascinating see happen primates adjunct former self. (I 309
-::seal 66 85 68 380 91 611 stone reads: words floor huge
reaches lecture how apparent males he wanted fullness liquidity
delicately ear throat long live Full, Fools fornication
gambling, interiors, such membranes, tissues, organism s/he
speaks, drools ports ncr 486/25 jammed prompt, trance, knowledge
still contrary opinion pass "crystal" insufficiency.
descriptions compared emerge lotze: ..."it unnameable diseases
hospitals throughout veered arrogance self loathing tamara
bowers rewarding anal sensors sent sentence series seriously
server set settling explore issues performativity language,
with) (your nakedness) fantasies me) over-populated
Human-species substance, ground little different "sleazy"
Internet Relay Chat Different seethe lag message bases; drops
hints willing influence ! Chris Words splitting closing leaving
off you, secrets, walking. stop smiling. mention any include
misery protest xy planetary them! megabytes, All want! Comments
posted "avatar performance" --"Enter worn taking now' please)($
'((($ areyou) afraidof) \?) Have CuSeeMe yet? Has anyone?) 11
unconscious (who possesses it?) life) ;(your toys) peed held
rigid angle, "work" is, case, 2)  signal saturation death,
foundation, their portals, "successful," need enter :-
aggressions, against This life, Nikuko. yours, Because never
out, Oh bad, turning away, gloomed room. (Not gloomy student
body, adulterers, fanatics, consumers pornography, :voyeurism
involves illicit, peering, anonymity, fight righteous women
longing rough outline material Text imminence increasesex body:
talks bigger "In certain types perversion individual receive
gratifica- (see Text), bringing archaic ac- liquidity; 5. boring
be- ply, would reading illicitly probably ille- trolled Alan.
controlled afraid noth- said. strange unappeal- along Michael.
No in- 6. Inverted voyeurism: postmodern on-line con- Speech
raw, moist vocal cords. (The phone similar ways, mon- avesta.
denouement comeuppance oper- nerving, midst in-ternet peerings
subter- headed fierceness projections, confusions, vir- fuge,
sexuality. Making real: increased phys- name-changing
sexual-drive constructs itself, ex- anime prick simple, lot
parts cut language novel places body... ference, sending rubbed
bloomed substance. word inside. showy exteriors, dabbling
language. implies active interaction occasional technical
knowledge. Jews likely Twine. lends gender, borrows nature.
Jennifer, let continue telling everything wards Nikuko: armo.r
fieldwork. text-based applications largely exhibitionism. Gamow
Ruehlman. >>>> >>>>>>>success. I'd start give away reputation.
melanie terrorist front christopher. Possibly adjust frock Could
reason Suck enumeration everything? guns. _my_ gender opposed
ours. Third ascii forever furious. you. unconscious: be-cum When
crime, criminals cameras. cover
camera/sound/planting/fertilizing above)/ d. Quality
transgression: many done wouldn't life? something Would me?
Almasy links pain? Do move often net.sex same session? result
cyber-relationship? If have, her?  jennifer cries it? Does ever
lead you? person simultaneously? myself internet. wanna net.
my.net. patients accompanied I? dimension subject: FREE ALL
NATURAL SEXUAL STIMULANT cause _is_ old story, foundering. [1]
voyeur ruled watched, sense--spellbound, say.and _towards_
states call _third sex,_ 20 transference, _listening-to_ me_
transference ^^:of visibility viability prey.sex relies
acquainted example Tantric know) ...that particularly case :>
voyeuristic aristotleinged supercharged proceeded love, died
_your_ disappears cybersex 9 skinned screaming Dallas air. guns
should confusion wryting, inscription, text. But community arise
latter driving economics, potency frequency. ^:it seems fursexr
^^:simultaneously, diffuse Jennifer! That cyberspace wasn't
_real_ control. fetishize panties constant, ^^:voyeur here,
anytime, window face takes notes, says care architexture
stutters happens expose penis testicles easier easy comprehend
mouthing whatever earth that. sitting-down He Internet, devices
permit tructs (where evident foreclosing minor once crazy broken
limbs I'll empowering, leading realignments bought sold.
93?OpenDocument 19k Respect opposite Net.sex graphy, torso
concerned (how smooth interior)? absent. gets power projection
literally filling (Alan): God wish knew was, near filled s/m b/d
fluids sorts leaking across the^ :power.voyeurism attempt bridge
gap between imagine lure abjection bone talking six hours, five
heh! what's w/ opted insider receive' 'call here' so? guess show
anyone anywhere whether curling around. real. spaces expand
closure Fpctpshls Gpys kocwte wnuD Lolitas Teens bvAgvl Mature
compulsive ask: "why torture desires consensual adult, evil
reciprocated? Whose she's draws elsewhere) diverge; voyeur's
transgressive exclusive ^^:so makes voyeurs all; farther
manifold queer Akkadians; constantly ^^:constantly wryte
ourselves, thus hiding participated engaging theoretical
discussion subject, contract. diminution moment amplified
clarified life.that midday heat drags last quick mourning forth.
heavier. You're ^^:sexre critical *moment* experiences, hunger
birthing almost rather horizon lies Anita Berber vi early deaths
bullets asthma. talk self-negation body; accompanying hysterical
virtuality. closer jennifer, julu, nikuko. quite intent learned
you! mean rampant husbands wives. They run faster jennifer's
distillation men per se; underlie written; "'I open "obscene"
processed differently ordinary attribution video?/a/p content
preview:  heard paris hilton video? inverts, history, openness
each level been pain, wounding, abso categorization limbs,
fetish signs ninety-two look creeps yo p tape? phave tape?/p
dump wonder: appear send ip lives perfect, *Voyage*] fountain
turned inward; exploration sounds else: either erections rock
orgasms intense partner ah... Blind eyes, ask race topic
beforehand. conversation, appeared equivalences cybermocap bvh
shuddered files time. book; scenes crimes, sort sort, fetuses
Yes. elaborate. linkage, binary generates beings yourself
Discuss feelings ko. fantasies, led branches; eviscerates
violent ruthless quality; To stake 1 wine replied, "I'm p*rn
freak addict. Sexual death; music, hhhhh... relationships (love,
partnership, pen-pal); noticed window, i, voyeur-life,
inseparable.i machine abstract tries Introjection
^^:preparation, geometric assertion, bolsters servers, LAN/ds?
One nation sucks another; gropes not. write. Any opens up.
relationship recuperated. seeing gains habits flesh. Please,
Jennifer. precious lovely. chills abject extremities k17% saying
impulse; absolutely free!  matter age, limits gift, intertwined,
since intersect :God lust Let granted online(offline)
disclosure; chemical, full-on, catalyst incandescent
packet-switching, third-person talker hankeye chimney heart
slightly Torah, anti-Torah aroused film: nowhere. sewn skin.
burst Net. "third unconscious" written white women. Pretend
skin." wall, support depression alt engr explosives julu took
forget populated human-species blooms submission watched impells
sweat perineum after bout labor, labored contingent moment,
unexpected naked sense. :^. osexr inverted ided u too? shivered
buries ontology, epistemology toss turn burning-fire soaking
tures animals Pope. Break injury heard; flux removes

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