[NetBehaviour] sonic envelopes of a large kyizi

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Dec 21 04:24:25 CET 2018

sonic envelopes of a large kyizi

weight is only nineteen pounds; the rope was difficult to hold.
of course the rope was difficult to hold. the mallet is an
antique leather hammer, probably 19th-century, from new england.
the kyizi itself is also antique, 19th-century, no decoration
and a heavy patina. the kyizi produces numerous simultaneous
tones. holding it was painful. the wind was strong by the water.
the tones created complex and somewhat independent sonic
envelopes. the tones went in and out of phase simultaneously
with different stretches. the result was orchestral, soothing,
meditative. holding the kyizi brought back the pain of the body.
the kyizi was easy to carry under the arm, difficult with
revolution and two or three fingers at play. the hammer was
difficult to match the same spot repeatedly. i hunched over into
the sound in order to keep the spinning from from the body. the
wind was part of it, as was the ocean. the ducks included lesser
scaups, eider, bufflehead, mallard of course, along with brant
geese. there were merganser in the distance. the struggle of the
body, so much a part of the landscape, ecosystem, inert quality
of the rock and metal. the arm swinging, the head down, the feet
near the edge of the slope down to the beach. the calls of the
ducks and geese, of the gulls. no sounds of traffic in the
distance. we are healthier for this.

https://youtu.be/odEWw3QCi3M video

video by Azure Carter

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