[NetBehaviour] Workshop Error-friendly networks. Moscow. February 3-7, 2019

nicola spesivcev nicola.spesivcev at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 14:26:49 CET 2018


In frame of DECOLONISING IMAGINATION research school there will be a
thread about error-friendly networks. The focus of the thread will be on
different types of joints between algo-based entities and (non)human
bodies as well as those energies that make those joints go-through-time.

More info: https://eeefff.org/en/projects/error-friendly-networks.html
Dates: February 3-7, 2019
Working languages: Russian, English
Deadline for applications: 23.12.18
Apply to DI school: https://goo.gl/forms/KGTykvYkyNlpX1yl2

About the school:

Decolonising Imagination (DI) is an international research school,
organized by student journal DOXA (http://doxajournal.ru/) (and INCO*)
with the support of Higher School of Economics and Oxford Russia Fund.

School is going to take place in learning centre of HSE in Moscow
region. During 4 days (3-7 February) participants of the school are
going to work in small groups (4-8 people) on research projects, the
results of which are going to be presented on the last day of the school.

*INCO (Intimate Connections Research Centre, founded in 2016) is a
cyberfeminist Network that is developing fictional software coded as II
(Intimate Interface /

More info about the school: http://doxajournal.ru/events/di_school_en

Organisers of the school provide help with Russian visa.
Accommodation and transfer from Moscow to the learning centre is
provided for all the participants of the school.


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