[NetBehaviour] (gathering, opening, etc., url corrected, apologies)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 26 07:12:16 CET 2018

(gathering, opening, etc., url corrected, apologies)

gathering, opening, creation of universe, the long return,
the absence, the absence manque


envelopes, somatic calling, calling forth, dissipation,
disappearance, exhaustion, wearing out of the human world,
gathering, gate-herding, gatha-ring, gat hearing

for whom the bell tolls, the reversal of death, the attributions
of birth, the harboring and dissipation of desire, the loss and
recuperation of faith, the meditation of breath, breath's
mindfulness, the moment of gaining traction, its momentum, eyes
wide open, the last breath, the last tolling, the last thought
of death

five pieces, each breathing through sound's augmentation,
the holding of breath in one's hand, in the hands of others

listen; they're short, listen; with eyes closed, imagining
nothing: what will come to you is your future;

please use earphones if possible, nothing works better

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