[NetBehaviour] Anesthetic Brutalism

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 27 04:57:59 CET 2018

Anesthetic Brutalism


culling the files

splayed spread
those brutalized
across god
what? threatens
populated seeds
"is not & death is inconceivable has no
Myopic view 19th-century travelers hunting, remnants
firing line, jail, physical

assassination, how valiant! by cut assuagement, entertainment
delay before ation. avant-garde relation transgression. For book
trans- bruised fighter, call me you falln-n::armflash legflash
I've broken language down into It's brutal; catalyzes behavioral
repertoires states jump (butchering) testament mans uncanny
*/brutal stupidity on my part w/ dead-end ideas/* do upside-down
wanting unspoken clarity moments water] happens happen this,
being killed, words veritable desert pain would charthing. I.
Have. Lost. My. Words. flush flesh oh feels war reduced other.
Wshat thce pirpose fof beauty destiny falli g raphy, poetics,
war. As back cover Sand like carapace, uncomfortable, razing
soles, nations other wars will "The life was brutal even after
unionization. Faster, yet faster still, earth rises to embrace
me. hands abandonedplications davila spectacular inversion
cyberbodies "of strangulation, scattering its remains in 17
pieces one-another death, dear god, talking itself, stuff maw
families bodies raids replete brutalizes In sleep I tortured,
molested, hit repeatedly. complicated... particles aren't
virtual. mess speech least honest, turn bravely towards
cessation aggression might leave ate (alleviate?) momentum
protons reason slippery force, claims deathcamp x, refugees x
virtuality; night refuses hir corruption cape gives kindness
mitzvah sight from mp ! seizures power, most tortures slaughter.
america's ships held fast, moving objects collapsing
_brutes,_ No spirit, censorship body, political religious,
ethnic, geographic, historic etc.; falln-n mind partying, rip
close off upon him now foreseeable future, racists slaughtering
animals just front us, what while new language. learn comes
beauty? Nothing certain ruins nation accessible infinite desire
nowhere returns resistance i'm up unused sand spray shore worked
screw Colombia's listen music! avoiding SCYTHE letters an OTHER
abandoned useless against onslaught power but shaping, attempt
shapeliness. recognition blueblack sky ahead me; dull black
dismal un- police arrest them. are evidence spread, survival
these violent times." inordinate = brutality: think of bullying
as a fundamental category Clara's emptied sockets were last she
knew life, blood arrogance well white wine trying stop headache
"theoretical efficacy lien truth brutality makes visavis gaming
depends insanity, kill fullness disappeared resulting maelstrom
development pike incredibly frightening erasing downhillthen
shifters dwelling seeds, created armies, know terest extremely
regime U.S.A. fallout continues churns horns, mind, bullfight.
there's theoretical tired [trash] [scares [garbage] this] die;
United States, based combination Tiffany slays Cityguard!
understand [blank given k9% painful skin behind beneath blasted
bleak bloody buildings, But cauterizing superiority justify
slaughter silence screens flicker out others world. goes. see
mountains. vegetation. chatter, placed immediate almost contrast
_logos_ <in regime, which implies far devious long been one-
vulgar scale dominates thinking. Never mute there passage o
hope, behave thyself, thee, animal absconded paranoia sees
conflict, ever around through contemporary culture along
realities accordingly, brutally. too late glimpse anything all
this nothing at also brutal. So much for code somatic use The
deserve die, our cruelty edited text-cull 'brutal': me, flat
more place. america;  art, dance physics world consequences;
very world, rightly construct plays exaltation, holy melody
mourning ... [bye bye [if value life. lost theorize, depressed
[me] out] notice] skin; people period rot country within pure
community/communication says, "the forth. [all found york ful
exercise, wind cold unseasonable storm certain- [always [i up]
[brutality] shafts, i am fearful condemns spiritual "words
filling space with own brutality. their souls time praxis.
Theoretical or truth? millions believe creation rest species?
word "rest" already attributes violence state favor parasitic
want there. gression become matter, only criminality, guarded
tower life," should saying guns, despair] one page << It writing
that bypassed hope and hopelessness. the brutal, anyone. killing
armflesh legflush rockflash neckfish brutebrutal. Ah, your
facebook] [brutalism] artforum hello we're so drunk we don't
recognize stupid, when thine feet birthplace where cannot count
uncountable it's fury savaged body. :To rite And flash, cutting,
polluted organs. Look, seems this: then about brutality, men,
men - fact it difference whatsoever things remain brutally tied
assassination carrying luggage mind. function encapsulations
furiously raising fist chanting, he welcome rise music bury his
anonymous security agencies. [i've section outside thing itself
speak. buffer-cache table


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